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Do you live in Bulgaria and/or have the Bulgarian nationality? You will find on this page additional opportunities to study within the country or at international level.

Opportunities to study abroad

Several regional, national and international programmes propose opportunities to study abroad. You will find some of them here.


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More information and organisations active in this field


All consultations are led by educational consultants studying in the Netherlands, who know and can compare all programs and universities, as well as answer all practical questions not only from professional but also from personal experience.

Darbi - study abroad!

DARBI, through its experienced consultants, provides the candidate-students with valuable assistance in the process of applying to the desired universities abroad. Without limiting the universities and regardless of the existing partnerships with them, you can be sure that you will receive professional advice when choosing a major and university - where it is best to apply, according to your personal academic characteristics and preferences.

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How to choose a university?

There are three types of higher education institutions in Bulgaria: universities, specialized higher education institutions and colleges.