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Do you live in Italy and/or have the Italian nationality? You will find on this page additional opportunities to study within the country or at international level.

Opportunities to study abroad

Several regional, national and international programmes propose opportunities to study abroad. You will find some of them here.


There is no information available at the moment

More information and organisations active in this field

The first and most popular information portal for Italian students. It deals with the whole educational chain: education, training, research, innovation, work.


Website of CIMEA - Information Centre on Academic Mobility and Equivalence offering information and consulting services relating to the procedures for the recognition of academic qualifications in Italy and to issues relating to Italian and international higher education and training.

Orizzonte Scuola

Portal providing contents and materials on Italian public school issues.

Il Portale dei Giovani

Il Portale dei Giovani is a point of access to information for young people about transnational educational mobility opportunities and aims to encourage youth participation in mobility projects/initiatives abroad. For general information on study opportunities, search on the Portal in the Study section.

Interesting links


Guide for the choice of diploma and post-diploma paths.