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Western Balkans: calling all future Young European Ambassadors

Last updated on Tuesday, 29/09/2020

Passionate about art, culture, sport, activism or the environment? If you live in the Western Balkans, here’s your chance to become a Young European Ambassador. All backgrounds are welcome, just bring energy and inspiration!

As a Young European Ambassador (YEA) from the Western Balkans, you will be a positive influencer and leader of change in your region and the EU. You’ll be one of the first 60 members of a new network developing skills and sharing ideas to promote EU values and opportunities.

What’s in it for you? You’ll have an unprecedent platform for your talents and message. Will you spread your love of music? Use sport to connect communities? Start a movement to protect the natural world?
Whatever you do, you’ll soon be leading events and campaigns as well as creating your own initiatives. You’ll take part in conferences, events and study trips in the EU and the Western Balkans to expand your skills and network. Practical support will be on offer from EU information offices, projects and programmes, as well as from youth and regional organisations.
Training is a big part of the deal. Tailor-made courses, online materials and toolkits will give you skills to set up your projects. You’ll also discover communication techniques – online and offline – and learn all about the EU and what it offers your region.

Candidate criteria

To bag one of the YEA roles, you need to be 18-29 years old and a resident of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, or Serbia. 
You also need to be active in art and design, film and photography, music, youth activism, environmental protection or sport – fields that naturally bring people together.
You can be from any background, as long as you meet the basic criteria. National minorities are encouraged to apply.

You don’t need previous experience of EU projects, education in the EU or minimum formal qualifications. What you do need are a good level of English and a real interest in the EU.
Bring an open mind, a willingness to share your time and a desire to develop your talents and you’ll fit right in.

Your path to success

First, complete the application form here. Include a 1-minute video in English explaining what you have to offer as a Young European Ambassador and you’re good to go. You don’t need specialist filming equipment – your smart phone will be fine.
Send it in by 15 July 2020. A public online vote will decide who makes it to the shortlist. From there, a jury will choose the best 60 Ambassadors. By the end of August, you could have a global platform to change your world!
‘The YEA network has been designed as platform for young voices and game-changers who are eager to share their passions and ideas with their peers,’ says Selena Tasic, the YEA project team manager. ‘This is what lies at the core of EU values when it comes to youth - making their activism and contribution to society count.’
Say Yes to YEA!