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Nea Moudania, Greece

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Описание на дейността

Ciao a tutti! Stiamo cercando un/una partecipante italiano per un progetto di volontariato internazionale (ex SVE, ora Solidarity Corps). Il progetto si svolge in Grecia (Nea Moudania, vicino a Salonicco… sì, sul mare!) presso il nostro ottimo partner You in Europe. Dal 1/5/2019 al 30/4/2020. Tutto è gratuito per il volontario: viene fornita una stanza singola in alloggio condiviso e un pocket money mensile. Anche i biglietti di viaggio vengono rimborsati!

Настаняване, хранене и транспорт

Accommodation: Volunteers will stay in 2 appartments. Each flat has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen. The apartment is equipped to meet the basic needs of the volunteer himself to live there with dignity. Additional equipment can be added on request and deemed necessary. Meals: Volunteers receive 120 euros for monthly allowance, which they will be spend according to their will. They can cook in their accommodation. Pocket money: Volunteers will receive pocket money 150 euros per month for their personal expenses.

Обучение по време на дейността

Training: Volunteers will take part in on arrival and mid term trainings, organized by the National Agency. Additionally they will be trained for their job.

Профил на участника

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic volunteers, able to get involved in cooperation and share their experiences and ideas, aged 18-30 years old, which will be chosen according to their motivational criteria, willingness to work in a team as well as commitment and interest to work with youth, elders, kids and people with mental disabilities. We will host four young people from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland who really want to live as a volunteer, to learn from their experience and to develop personal and professional skills.

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Общо 53 седмици в периода от 01/05/2019 до 30/04/2020

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Nea Moudania Greece

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