Cuckoo’s farm

Cuckoo’s farm

Vertigem - Associação Promoção do Património

Arrimal, Portugal

This activity has expired, you cannot apply.

Opis činnosti

This project aims to teach good environmental practices in a rural setting and a protected area The project is developed in harmony and cooperation with the local community allowing to know the traditions and the local culture These activities allow for interaction between the volunteers and the local community through simple tasks performed by volunteers, which develop sustainable agricultural practices and livestock production The volunteers will participate in the activities, being integrated in groups of youth members, with whom they will collaborate in the following tasks: Composting System; Production of farm products (biological); Feeding the animals, take them to the pastures, maintenance of fences and stables, to milk, make cheese and bread; Participate in local campaing actions of cleaning forest The volunteers will be accommodated in Bezerra's Ecological Residence The food is provided to volunteers by the local service (3 daily meals) prepared by Vertigem’ cook

Ubytovanie, strava a doprava

The volunteer will be accommodated in Bezerra's Ecological Residence that has as a privilege the fabulous landscape. The Residence is divided in three areas: Wards for men and women with WC, Lounge and Bathrooms for men and women, and common room with library, TV, stereo and two computers The residence can host up to 14 people. The Residence is equipped with energy efficient heating equipment, internet with free wifi, an outside space with aromatic plants and novelty equipment for children. Good enviromental practises are emphasized

Odborná príprava počas činnosti

training in the areas: Portuguese language, agriculture, beekeeping, animal husbandry, recycling and reuse of materials

Profil účastníka

Our organization is accredited as an ESC partner, applicants need the support of a leading organization to be accept as candidate Is addressed to willing to spend 4 weeks in “the heart” of a Natural Park, with other volunteers. The volunteers are expected to have a strong interest by nature, ability to generate empathy and creativity, an attitude of participation and team work spirit , flexible behaviour and capable treating the obstacles as challenges. Race, gender, age, religion or political ideas aren’t conditioning factors for the selection

Obdobie činnosti

Za obdobie 01/04/202331/08/2023 celkový počet týždňov: 4

Miesto činnosti

Portela Vale Espinho, 19, 2480-216 Arrimal Portugal

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