Learning in Activity and Fellowship

Learning in Activity and Fellowship

Jugendbildungszentrum Blossin e. V.

Heidesee, Germany

La date limite de candidature est passée.

Description de l’activité

The main focus of the project is to introduce the volunteers to a large amount of fields that the Youth Educational Center Blossin (www.blossin.de) is currently covering. The main role of the project will be assistance in the international department of the center as well as to work with local groups of children and young to late teens.The volunteers are also expected to suuport by daily elementary tasks in the youth educational center, such as managing amounts and quality equipment, welcoming guests and checking materials. Volunteering in Blossin should give the volunteer lots of new experiences and help them to develop many useful skills for professional career as well as for personal development.

Modalités d'hébergement, de restauration et de transport

- Arrival/Departure: We provide pickup and transfer service to the volunteers from an airport or a train station. - The housing: during the 12-months stay is provided in a shared apartment (3 young people, males and females) in the small village Friedersdorf (around 1000 inhabitants). Each volunteer has a room for themselves; the kitchen and the bathroom are shared - Travel: Friedersdorf has a train connection with large cities, such as Berlin or Potsdam (takes around an hour). - Accessibility: everyday goods can be bought in the supermarket 400 meters away from home,

Formation pendant l’activité

Volunteers will participate in various training formats that are offered by the Youth Educational Center Blossin, as well as its partners. They can take part in different trainings that will help them to develop their skills in the field of the work with youth and Children (as for example the training to acquire the German Youth Leader Card. ) as well as Trainings in the field of the international youth work.

Profil du participant

We are looking for interesting young people, who are motivated to get new experiences and develop new skills. In particular, they should be interested in working in the management and implementation of international educational programs as well as in working in educational activities with children and youth. Volunteers have to be active and open-minded.

Dates de l’activité

Un total de 52 semaine(s) entre 01/01/2020 et 31/12/2020

Lieu de l’activité

Waldweg 10, 15754 Heidesee Germany

Nous recherchons des participants venus de

France, Pologne

Thèmes de l’activité

Citoyenneté et participation démocratique

Éducation et formation

Créativité et culture

Date limite de dépôt des candidatures

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 31/01/2020