Base camp

Base camp

V.I.A.C. - Institute for youth support and development

Trstená, Slovakia

This activity is closed, you cannot apply.

Descripción de la actividad

We are non-governmental organisation working in the field of youth. We are settled in rural region Orava. Our organisation is based on Christian principles and values. We are currently looking for volunteers. Young people are our main target group, but we also work with people from local community, including those in difficult social situation. We provide youth centre in Ústie nad Priehradou, where groups of young people come to join some of the development programmes or spiritual renewals. Volunteers will become part of team of our centre and help with programmes for young people, they can choose between activities of experiential pedagogy or spiritual activities connected to values, prepare presentations about volunteering for schools and also prepare activities for local community. Volunteers wil be also involved in running the centre, including maintenance and equipment care.

Alojamiento, manutención y transporte

Our volunteers will share a house and flat. Accommodation is provided with a standard equipment for the normal standard living. Volunteers will have their own room in the house. Volunteers have to respect rules of living in the flat and house. The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance of 310 / 315€ (including money for food – 150€, phone – 10€, 150/155€ pocket money, it depends on the number of days in month) for his own bank account. All travel costs connected with the project are covered.

Formación durante la actividad

Volunteers will have our own arrival training and then they will participate in trainings organised by Slovak National Agency.

Perfil del participante

Looking for responsible and carrying 18-30 years old volunteer respecting the functioning and religion principles of the hosting organization, its members and the local community. We do not require any specific knowledge or skills. The project is open to all young people who are motivated to learn, acquire new skills and experience in working with a with a non-profit organization, participate in organizational learning activities, and also want to develop their skills in working with people from the local community. We are open only for volunteers from programme countries.

Fechas de la actividad

Total de 45 semana(s) desde 17/02/2020 hasta 31/12/2020

Lugar de la actividad

Ústie nad Priehradou 41, 028 01 Trstená Slovakia

Se buscan participantes de

Austria, Bélgica, Bulgaria, Chipre, Chequia, Alemania, Dinamarca, Estonia, Grecia, España, Finlandia, Francia, Hungría, Irlanda, Italia, Lituania, Letonia, Malta, Países Bajos, Noruega, Rumanía, Suecia, Eslovenia, Reino Unido

Temas de la actividad

Creatividad y cultura

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