Tourist Angels

Tourist Angels

Bratislava, Slovakia

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Descrizione dell'attività

Through this short-term project (August2020-September2020) we would like to give space for to the personal and professional development of participant and the strengthening of local communities in Bratislava. The main tasks of the participant will be focused on guiding visitors of Bratislava and work with young students who also join this programme. This project could lead to presenting Bratislava as friendly city and to the creation and realization of young volunteers in other volunteer activities in the context of their school, community, city, region. This project has great potential in the sense the participants gain a great deal of new skills and experience they can use in next professional/personal life. Also volunteers will be encouraged and supported to come up with and realize their own ideas and activities. The volunteer program consists of pairs which includes two people, Slovak volunteer and ESC participant-this is how we want to ensure diversity and the ability to learn.

Alloggio, vitto e trasporto

We will provide you an accommodation. The room will be in a flat or a house shared with other people. The flat is fully furnished and will provide participant with everything he/ she needs. BDC is responsible for the food arrangements in form of cash in the hosting project according to the standard of living in the hosting country. BDC provides the volunteer with the pocket money and money for the food and travel to/from Bratislava.

Formazione durante l'attività

Training is directly related to the skills and knowledge necessary for the volunteer to have in order to do a particular job. BDC will take care of Orientation training (first days after arrival). You are obliged to attend On-arrival and Mid-term training organized by the National Agency. Trainings sessions to acquire new skills useful for your job and future life (Time management, Project management, Soft skills training, etc ..) are held once a month and every 3 months there is a mandatory supervision meeting. At the end of your vacancy, you will gain the Youthpass certificate.

Profilo del partecipante

We are looking for someone ready to take up new challenges, who like to work with people. He/she should be enthusiastic about growing personal and professional skills and prepared for unexpected experiences. Participant must be 18 years old or older. Training or work experience in historical, cultural, travel scope is an advantage, but not necessary. Required qualities: flexible and adaptable to changes, communicative and responsible , able to work in the team but also independently, who wants to work with youth and motivate them into volunteering, willing to learn and come up with new ideas.

Data dell'attività

Un totale di 9 settimana/e nel periodo compreso tra 26/07/2020 e 25/09/2020

Luogo dell'attività

Bratislava Slovakia

Cercasi partecipanti da

Austria, Cipro, Croazia, Repubblica ceca, Danimarca, Estonia, Finlandia, Grecia, Lituania, Lettonia, Ungheria, Malta, Germania, Polonia, Slovenia, Spagna, Francia, Paesi Bassi, Belgio, Italia, Irlanda

Argomenti dell'attività

Istruzione e formazione

Occupazione e imprenditorialità

Creatività e cultura

Termine per la presentazione delle candidature

Termine di presentazione delle domande: 31/07/2020