Hands on with Azes

Hands on with Azes

Associação Azes Valboenses

União das freguesias de Gondomar (São Cosme), Valbom e Jovim, Portugal

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Pasākuma apraksts

This is a short term volunteering opportunity to be held during the summer. From July until the end of September, participants are invited to come for up to 2 moths (you choose when to start and finish according to your availability) and contribute to the following activities: July - international workcamp where volunteers will perform tasks to protect nature and rehabilitate historical watermills and its surrounding areas August - Volunteers will run and support free time activities for young people related with the environment and health. September - Volunteers will support and run together with Azes team a Youth Exchange about Nature and Sustainable lifestyles.

Dzīvošana, ēdināšana un transports

During the International workcamp (13-26th July) participants will camp together with the remaining participants of the workcamp, in individual tents, and food will be provided. During August and September, participants will share a room in the organisation headquarters and they will receive 100€ plus some food items. Your international travel expenses will be reimbursed according to the EU distance calculator. During July everything will be walking distance so we will only cover pontual transports. In July and September you will receive a bus pass to cover Porto metropolitan area.

Mācības pasākuma laikā

You will receive training in topics such us: July and part of August Sustainable lifestyles options Circular economy Surviving in the nature skills Fighting florestal invading species August and September Community intervention Intercultural Learning Non-formal education Training competences Project lifecycle Project management Applying for funding

Dalībnieka profils

Young people between 18-30 that are willing to contribute to protect nature and play an important role in the community they will work with. No qualifications are required but having the right attitude is essencial. Please apply only if you are up to learn new competences, learn by doing, have sense of initiative and autonomy. We will costume this opportunities as much as possible to your needs as a learner so that you can take as much as possible out of it. From your side, we expect you to be proactive and willing to contribute.

Pasākuma datums

Pavisam 6 nedēļaa(s) laikā no 01/07/2020 līdz 31/10/2020

Pasākuma vieta

Rua Alexandre Herculano, 158, 4420-369 União das freguesias de Gondomar (São Cosme), Valbom e Jovim Portugal

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