Solidarity through museum education

Solidarity through museum education

National Museum of Romanian History / Muzeul Național de Istorie a României

Bucharest, Romania

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Opis činnosti

Our project wishes to enlarge the audience of MNIR, on an inclusive policy base, by keeping account of the need for raising communitarian solidarity, through these specific objectives: SO1: Developing the personal and professional competencies of 4 ESC volunteers in the domain of the management of museum educational activities, for a period of 12 months of activities. SO2: Raising the organizational capacity of MNIR through a coherent program of museum education dedicated to a variety of beneficiaries (40 weekly activities), for a period of 12 months of activities. SO3: Creation of a solidarity framework between the the 4 ESC volunteers, foreign students, employees from the cultural sector and the beneficiaries of MNIR, through the performing of museum activities, for a period of 12 months of activities. SO4: Raising awareness on and informing a minimum of 60.000 citizens in regards to this project, the activities of MNIR and the ESC program, during the implementation period.

Ubytovanie, strava a doprava

Participants will receive during the stage money for food on a monthly bases (150 € per month) and they will be able to cook and buy food for themselves. The mentor will show the shops and markets where they could do shopping for food. Participants will share an apartment in Bucharest. The apartment is equipped with all necessary for living. Monthly tickets/pass for public transport in Bucharest will be provided by MNIR. The participants will receive 100 % of their travel cost to Bucharest and back, as well as costs for visa and residence permissions, according with E+ distance calculator.

Odborná príprava počas činnosti

Language support, mentorship, consolidated mentorship, intercultural learning (on Romanian culture and history), psychological support, trainings on GDPR, non-formal education techniques and tools, marketing: will be offered by MNIR’s staff and collaborators. Also, the participants will be enrolled at the Romanian National Agency trainings (on arrival, mid term, final). The participants will be insured for the time of their stay. Also, they will be instructed about safety and protection during volunteering activities.

Profil účastníka

Basic qualifications: - Age between 18-30 years old; - Minimum knowledge of English (recommended); - Patient, responsible, creative, open-minded; - Participants from: the European Union (citizen or resident). - Gender: we are interested to have a real balance. - They have completed general education and want to rise their competences in the domain of education projects through culture. - Willingness to work with beneficiaries from vulnerable categories / fewer opportunities; - Preferably, participants with fewer opportunities.

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12 Calea Victoriei, 030026 Bucharest Romania

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