Gobi Fish (A5)

Gobi Fish (A5)

Pythia SCE

Kavala, Greece

The application deadline has passed.

Activity description

The coast area of Kavala is well known to many people due to the clear waters and our tourism that is based to this. Many people visit this coast area without the proper precautions and ruin the environment. This is something we want to change and therefore we choose to settle a campaign to protect the coast area and to energize our community. Forty youths from France, Italy, Romania and Spain will work together with Pythia's volunteers in order to construct as many environmental fish bins. Volunteers will collect plastic from the coast and will participate in the Gobi Fish construction. Gobi Fish (a big fish filled of plastic) will decorate the beach of the Kavala’s coast. AIM - Raising awareness of the value of volunteering for young people and for the community as well. - Conduct solidarity activities which support the European Added Values OBJECTIVES - Enable young people to acquire useful experience, their employability and active citizenship

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Accommodation: You will stay in a camp, near to the city of Kavala. It is a big place in the Municipality of Kavala. The beach is close and there is plenty time to enjoy it either by bus or on foot. Food: A catering will provide us the daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). There will be fruits available as snacks between the meals. You can also find several markets within a short distance. Transportation: Transport arrangements for the daily activities will be provided from the organization.

Training during the activity

The specific competences the volunteer will develop through the activities: Knowledge: To learn how to design, prepare and organize infodays for environmental activities. To be introduced in environmental issues. To learn how to involve local stakeholders.To learn how to make videos to disseminate the events. Skills: To practice specific skills on creating dissemination media (posters, badges, invitations, videos). To improve their organisation skills. To develop socialization, cooperation and communication skills Attitudes: To develop a closer bonding to environmental issues.

Participant profile

It is very important that all the solidarity activities will involve young people from different backgrounds and cultures,especially young people with fewer opportunities. The projects aim is to eliminate discrimination and social exclusion of young people and aid them socialize and acquire useful tools for their lives. Pythia is wide open to young people from 18 - 30 years old, regardless of background, competences or experience, with an interest in learning by doing and eager to have new experiences, meet new cultures and live like a local for the volunteering period.

Activity dates

A total of 4 week(s) during the period 09/08/2021 to 07/09/2021

Activity location

Thermopylwn 7, Eleftheroupoli, 641 00 Kavala Greece

Looking for participants from

France, Italy, Romania, Spain

Activity topics

Environment and natural protection

Creativity and culture

Deadline for applications

Application deadline: 30/06/2021