Circles of Solidarity

Circles of Solidarity

Krugovi, Centar za edukaciju, savjetovanje i humanitarno djelovanje

zagreb, Croatia

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Activity description

The main and long-term goal of the project is to increase the social responsibility of young people, to motivate and sensitize them to participate in the activities of the local community, in order to support vulnerable and marginalized members of the community, beneficiaries of the Circles - the elderly, disabled, malignant and socially vulnerable people, as well as children and young people; stimulate their personal and professional development, strengthen competences, develop additional skills; and strengthen the national and international partnerships of Center Circles. MAIN ACTIVITIES: 1. Humanitarian activities 2. Support program for vulnerable groups - elderly, disabled, malignant, socially vulnerable users of the Center ASSOCIATED ACTIVITIES: 1. Support program for children and young people 2. Working in the office

Konaklama, yemek ve yol ayarlamaları

Circles Centre provides accommodation - a secured apartment for 4 volunteers with a kitchen, bathroom, 2 bedrooms / sharing your room with one of the participants - same-sex + free wi-fi. The apartment is near the Center Circles. Transportation from your city to Zagreb: We will help arrange transportation (bus, train, airplane), as well as cover travel costs. Transportation in Zagreb: We provide bicycles for transportation, as well as public transport. Food and pocket money ensured through the project ( Approx. 150 euros of pocket money and 200 euros for food / per month ).

Training during the activity

National agency Regular meetings, educations, supervisions, consultation and non-formal meetings in Circles Centre: - Education "Working with vulnerable groups" - Introduction of humanitarian work - Introduction of work with children - Supervisions for volunteers working with sensitive groups; children, elderly and disabled people, as well for volunteers working on humanitarian activities. The organization will also provide a Croatian language course.

Participant profile

- Motivation for the project activities and project users - Ability to live with at least three flatmates - Willing to share a room with one participant /same-sex/ - Between 18-30 years old - You haven’t participated in long-term EVS/ESC project before - You have no Criminal Record - You don’t have chronic diseases and/or serious psychical/ physical illness - Basic knowledge in English language WE ARE ENCOURAGING PEOPLE WITH FEWER OPPORTUNITIES TO APPLY APPLY ON:

Activity dates

02/11/2021 ila 01/06/2022 arasını kapsayan sürede toplam 30 hafta

Activity location

kombolova13, /, 10010 zagreb Croatia

Looking for participants from

Avusturya, Cezayir, Almanya, Bosna Hersek, Hırvatistan, İtalya, Karadağ, North Macedonia, Sırbistan, Çek Cumhuriyeti, Bulgaristan, Macaristan, Slovenya, Slovakya, Fransa, Türkiye, Ukrayna, Polonya

Activity topics

Sağlık ve refah

Deadline for applications

Son başvuru tarihi: 15/10/2021