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Organic Life - Ideas in Action

Association OrganicWay (Društvo EkoPot)

Jarenina, Slovenia

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Opis činnosti

Are you interested to learn about local sustainability, self-sufficiency and organic farming in practice and theory? Do you like to spend your days doing meaningful work supporting interesting and innovative ideas and local projects in the field of organic farming? Then be a part of our team of the "Drustvo EkoPot" (Association OrganicWay)! The association is a non-government non-profit organization with the aim to assist and help to evolve in all kinds on farm projects which include everything from day-to-day on a farm in the frame of locally sustainable projects like CSA (Community supported agriculture). You also gain insight into the running of a very active farm with more than 80% self-sufficiency, it is certified organic and biodynamic with vegetable, fruit and field crop production, processing of more than 100 products (bread, marmelade, canned vegetables etc.). Visit, FB Društvo EkoPot and write to us (drustvo.ekopot@gmail).

Ubytovanie, strava a doprava

We are offering two types of accommodation. The first is from March to May and from September to November in Maribor (the second bigest city in Slovenia) and is a vibrant university city as well. From May to September we will create a community living space within a 80% self sufficient farm project within the farm project near the village Jarenina (the vilage of the project). We have public (bus, train) and personal (bike, car) transportation options.

Odborná príprava počas činnosti

Empower volunteers with the knowledge and skills which promote life skills on the personal level (in vegetable, fruit, field crop production, processing and marketing). Active participation in initiatives like CSA (comunity supported agriculture), crowd funding (the first in Slovenia in the field of agriculture) and direct marketing work from the idea to the execution. More than 11 on-farm events and lectures (organic farming, sustainable building, water conservation, etc.) for more than 380 participants yearly.

Profil účastníka

We are looking for people (age 18 to 30) from the EU program countries who want to spend 8,5 months in a rural area of one of the most beautiful country sides in EU, are seeking for knowledge in theory and practical aspects of organic and biodynamic farming and alternative ways of farmer-customer connection for a more locally sustainable development. The most important is the interest in organic/biodynamic farming and the personal need for self discovery and empowerment through a life changing oppurtunity.

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Jareninski Dol 2, 2221 Jarenina Slovenia

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