Short term ESC for Long term competencies

Short term ESC for Long term competencies


Bitola, North Macedonia

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Descrizione dell'attività

The office of ECE Bitola is located in a house in the city center of Bitola. The house has two floors, with 100 square meters per floor. With this short term activity we would like to readapt the first floor of the house in order to increase the capacity of the organization, to have more offices or accommodation for future ESC volunteers. For this process we will hire professionals for painting, wood craft, windows reparation etc. In the process of readapting the profesional will be supported by all local members of ECE Bitola, so the ESC volunteers will support the process with simple tasks such as: cleaning, painting walls, repairing old furniture, creating murals, urban gardening, recycling waste. Except the readapting of the first floor, we will prepare a garden for organic farming. The garden that is part of our premises has 250 square meters. In scope of this activity we will organise workshops on recycling, organic farming, gardening, painting, wood craft, 3D printing etc.

Alloggio, vitto e trasporto

The volunteer will need to share room with other volunteer. If there is available room the volunteer will have his own room. The volunteers will be accommodated in the premisses of ECE Bitola or in a shared apartment. The accommodation will have internet access and its located 5 minutes to the city center. The volunteers will have shared kitchen and bathroom. Local transport - Bitola is a small town we will provide to the volunteers bicycles so they do not need to use public transportation.

Formazione durante l'attività

ECE Bitola together with the sending organisation as a part of our main responsibilities will ensure proper preparation of the volunteer. The selected volunteer will have pre departure training and meeting with the previous ESC volunteers and go through workshops how to deal with culture shock, experience team work through# exercise in international environment etc. Coming back to home country, the volunteers will have evaluation meeting with their sending mentor, who will help to evaluate the projects

Profilo del partecipante

We are searching for volunteer to support ECE Bitola regular activities, person willing to learn and to share knowledge. We want to involve person who want to gain more practical experience in non formal education, non governmental sector, project and organisational management, to learn more about the Erasmus+ opportunities and how they can use it in future.

Data dell'attività

Un totale di 30 settimana/e nel periodo compreso tra 02/03/2022 e 02/10/2022

Luogo dell'attività

Blegradska 27, 7000 Bitola North Macedonia

Cercasi partecipanti da

Austria, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Belgio, Bulgaria, Repubblica ceca, Germania, Estonia, Grecia, Finlandia, Francia, Croazia, Irlanda, Islanda, Italia, Lituania, Paesi Bassi, Norvegia, Polonia, Portogallo, Serbia, Russian Federation, Svezia, Slovenia, Slovacchia, Regno Unito, Ucraina

Argomenti dell'attività

Protezione dell'ambiente e della natura

Istruzione e formazione

Creatività e cultura

Termine per la presentazione delle candidature

Termine di presentazione delle domande: 10/12/2021