De todo para todos - CSC Fontiñas

De todo para todos - CSC Fontiñas

Centro Sociocultural Fontiñas

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

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Opis činnosti

The volunteers will be integrated into the activities already developed in the Sociocultural Center for the residents of the neighbourhoods of Santiago de Compostela; for children, (play room, library, languages, storytelling, crafts ...), young people, (chess, languages, sports, dance ...), adults, (exhibitions, dances, photography, cooking , yoga, excursions, visits to the city ...), open activities, (trips, video ...), and activities related to local and national holidays, (Magosto, Christmas, Carnival, San Juan ...). We believe that the cultural baggage, the different perspectives and ways of working that a young European could contribute would be very interesting for the different target groups; senior citizens, adults, youth and children, and could greatly enrich the work of the sociocultural center. More information

Ubytovanie, strava a doprava

The volunteer will live in a flat, sharing it with other volunteers or students, in a single or double room. Furthermore the flat provides all items necessary for living: a washing machine, heater, blankets, iron, dishes, internet, etc. The organisation will cover the expenses of the flat (rent, supplies,…) The volunteer will receive a monthly allowance and pocket money (at the beginning of each month) to manage their meals. Local transport will be not needed because the flat is close to the organisation.

Odborná príprava počas činnosti

The volunteer will participate in the same activities as the rest of the local volunteers and staff members, and will participate in the same training activities. The volunteer also will participate in the ESC learning process and he/she will attend to the pre-departure training, on-arrival training and mid term evaluation. The partcipant will have Spanish lessons according to his/her level and also he/she will be registered in the Online Linguistic Support platform.

Profil účastníka

We are looking for young volunteers with interest and motivation in cultural activities and leasure time with children and teenagers. We are looking for youngsters with capabilities of comunication, social skills, enthusiasts, creatives, with initiative and values and ideals about solidarity and europena identity. We value highly the desire and the motivation to participate in this experience. IMPORTANT: To apply it is mandatory to fill the application form ( It includes questions for your supporting organisation in your country.

Obdobie činnosti

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Miesto činnosti

Rúa Berlín 13, 15707 Santiago de Compostela Spain

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