Keen on green (Environmental education in practice)

Keen on green (Environmental education in practice)

Eco-adventure center Divočina

Malešov, Czech Republic

Срокът за кандидатстване изтече.

Описание на дейността

The eco-adventure center Divočina can be understood as a place for sharing, meeting, trying alternative technologies, recycling, exchanging ideas, learning languages and protecting biodiversity. The community garden is a place where people of all ages and social classes meet for gardening, lectures and workshops, pizza making or an evening campfire. The garden is also used by professionals working with socially disadvantaged groups, such as children from children's homes. We are searching for two volunteers to help us organize eco-adventure workshops and camps for children and teach English using fun and informal teaching methods, focused primarily on conversation. More information here:

Настаняване, хранене и транспорт

Accommodation is provided right in the eco-adventure center Divočina. Volunteers each have their own private room and shared bathroom. The kitchen is shared with all the people in the center who cook vegetarian dishes together. Internet is available, as well as bicycles for commuting around the city. In case of commuting to a greater distance, the volunteer is reimbursed the fare.

Обучение по време на дейността

We provide on arrival training for the volunteers. We introduce them into the local specifics and provide them practical information about our centre, planned activates, our partner organizations and about Malešov (village where the centre is based). We also organize regular meetings, plan activities together and provide feedback a guidance. We try to involve the volunteers into the local community, insure their proper adaptation into the work and evaluate their role within the project. We also provide them space for developing their own project depending on their interests.

Профил на участника

Most of the activities in the center take place outside and with people. The opportunity is therefore ideal for social people who like to spend time outdoors, in nature, with people of all ages and children. Furthermore for people interested in permaculture, community garden, natural architecture or ecological practices. We welcome everyone with team spirit, empathy, autonomy, flexibility, responsibility, patience, respect for different cultures and traditions, openness and willingness to learn new things.

Дати на дейността

Общо 27 седмици в периода от 25/04/2022 до 01/11/2022

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Malešov Czech Republic

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