Workcamp in the Spa Park

Workcamp in the Spa Park

Fundacja Benevolens

Głuchołazy, Poland

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Opis činnosti

Volunteers' activities will be mostly manual work on fresh air, so be prepared for a hard work. The main task will be cleaning and maintenance works in a historic park. That will include mowing, weeding, cutting and chopping wood, collecting deadwood, etc., renovating small architecture if needed. There might be also a possibility to take part in short workshops for local children and other cultural events organised by the Foundation. Volunteers will be working about 6 hours per day, five days per week.

Ubytovanie, strava a doprava

In Artist’s House in the Spa Park. Volunteers will be accommodated in 2-, 3-and 4- shared rooms, on sleeping mats with access to wc and warm showers. Those who would like to sleep in a tent there will be such an opportunity as well. There is a meadow with open fire place to volunteers’ disposal. You need to take your sleeping bags and towels, house shoes are highly recommended. All the meals will be provided at place by Benevolens Foundation.

Profil účastníka

We are looking for passionate nature and cultural heritage lovers, interested in landscape protection, history and culture. You also have to be moderately fit, can chop and saw wood, like gardening and forestry works. In your application we would like to see that you are motivated to the care of the place where people like to come back and the reason you chose our project.

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Parkowa 12, 48-340 Głuchołazy Poland

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