Voluntary Service in social work (residential group)

Voluntary Service in social work (residential group)

Verbund sozialer Dienste gGmbH

Bad Essen, Germany

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Verbund sozialer Dienste (VSD) works in the field of child and youth welfare in the surrounding of Bad Essen near Osnabrück. The subsidiary Dialog runs decentralized in-patient residential groups of the German child and youth service system housed in attractive buildings, where children live in small groups. Based on more than 30 years of experience, Dialog has specialised in the therapy of and dealing with attachment disorders and traumatisation. By participating in ESC we want to give children and young people an insight into other cultures. Volunteers can teach aspects of their own culture, thereby encouraging the children to be open to other cultures/ethnic groups. In this way they bring a welcome change to everyday life in the group and make a contribution to promoting tolerance. (Possible) tasks: Practicing practical life activities with the children/adolescents, doing homework, spending leisure time. Preparing meals and assisting the children in cleaning up is also expected.

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Volunteers are accommodated in the company's own former family holiday home Haus Sonnenwinkel, which is located on the Bad Essener Berg. A ticket for local public transport will be provided. In order to ensure that the volunteers are quickly supplied with things for their daily needs in Bad Essen, they can be provided with a vehicle or bicycle for the duration of their service. Meals are provided in the residential group and asked to be shared with the children. Individual diets or intolerances are respected, of course. For meals not taken in the organization a food allowance will be paid.

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The task-related preparation is carried out by employees in the residential group, in relation to the ESC framework conditions by the mentor, who act as a contact person for all questions and problems. At the beginning, there is an expectation meeting with the mentor in charge. Reflection meetings are held at regular intervals, the results are documented and are intended to contribute to a rapid integration of the volunteer. In addition to the OLS, German language courses are held as soon as possible if there is a need. In case of language barriers, an interpreter can be called in at any time.

Profil účastníka

The participants should socially engaged and be open to new experiences. There should be a willingness to engage with disadvantaged children. Initial knowledge in the field of social work or psychology is helpful. Ideally, the volunteers should not be too unsettled in the event of a crisis. Basically, it is expected that the training and learning opportunities of the hosting organisation to deal with crises will be taken openly and the desire to maintain contact with the child will remain. Probably the volunteers are also able to convey aspects of their own culture to the children.

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V období 01/05/2023 to 30/04/2024 celkový počet týdnů: 52

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Burgstraße 3/5, 49152 Bad Essen Germany

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