ECO-Camp "green heroes" (ESC group volunteering)

ECO-Camp "green heroes" (ESC group volunteering)

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Michalowo, Poland

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Описание на дейността

WE ARE LOOKING FOR "GREEN HEROES" for our eco-camp in frame of ESC group volunteering: The main theme of the project is ecology. The main objectives are: increasing ecological awareness among project participants and target groups (especially children in rural area) and awareness of own responsibility for the environment and surrounding. To the general theme of "ecology" we also want to include themes such as: healthy lifestyle and outdoor sports, nature education, intercultural education, sustainable development, "zero / less waste" and promoting the permaculture idea. Volunteers will become local animators and ecology educators for local community. Volunteers will organize various actions such as: - organizing free time activities for children in form of creative workshops (mostly in the field of ecology) - organizing outdoor activities and cleaning events of the forest and public area - Cultural animation of the local community during local even

Настаняване, хранене и транспорт

All volunteers will live in an ecological camp so you need to be prepare for: - sleeping in a large military tent - taking your own mat and sleeping bag - ecological outdoor shower - a compost toilet in the nature - cooking on the fire - living in the spirit of less-waste in general. Travel costs will be reimbursed from project budget. Food or groceries to prepare meals will be provided. The volunteers during all project limit the production of garbage, the usage of electricity and the usage of water.

Обучение по време на дейността

During project all volunteers will take part in introductory training, basic polish language and introduction into polish culture. However the most important will be workshops about zero and less waste and ecological lifestyle, since volunteers should become an ecology educators. Because of this, we also plan to spend all time during project living in the spirit of less waste. We will also offer some basic workshop about leading activities for kids and teenagers as well as cultural animation, so during second part of the project, everyone will know how to do it.

Профил на участника

We are looking for positive person, who is very interested in ecology and zero/less waste. Who will not have any problems with sleeping outdoor in a tent, without electricity, internet, running water, only surrounded by nature. Someone who is open-minded and ready for some survival activities. Person who wants to try on yourself self-sufficient approach to cooking, washing, cleaning and life in general. Someone who would like to work with kids and teenagers from marginalized communities. Additional creative skills are welcome.

Дати на дейността

Общо 2 седмици в периода от 22/07/2022 до 06/08/2022

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Michalowo Poland

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Срок за подаване на заявлението: 15/06/2022