End fossil fuels - 100% renewables now - for a volunteer from Ukraine

End fossil fuels - 100% renewables now - for a volunteer from Ukraine

Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto (Finnish Association for Nature Conservation)

Helsinki, Finland

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Descrição das atividades

WE FOUND A VOLUNTEER FOR THIS POSITION EKOenergy is a global nonprofit ecolabel for sustainable renewable energy. We are an initiative of the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation and we promote renewable energy in over 40 countries. We reach out to large energy consumers, publish articles, set up renewable energy campaigns... We are hosting 8 volunteers from 7 countries. Our current Ukrainian volunteer will start studying soon, and we are now looking for someone else to take over from November 2022 to March 2023. (5 remaining months) All volunteers help us establish new contacts and maintain existing contacts with partners in many countries. Together with our staff and with our other volunteers, they also develop new campaigns to promote renewable energy.

Comparticipação nas despesas de alojamento, alimentação e transporte

- Accommodation: volunteers get a private room in a shared apartment - Volunteers also get an allowance to buy food, a bus ticket for public transportation in Helsinki, as well as the so-called ESC pocket money. - Access to the EU Online language learning tool and ESC health insurance - Travel: we pay the travel from your home country to Finland (and return) - All tasks happen from our office in Helsinki.

Formação durante a atividade

- Pre-arrival training by the supporting organisation (if possible under the current situation) 
- On arrival training organised by Opetushallitus, the Finnish National Agency - Regular information about renewable energy markets - Regular webinars about climate change and EU climate policy, as well as about other relevant topics (also depending on the interest of the volunteer)

Perfil do participante

- Interest in environment and climate protection. - Social person, interested in living and working with other young volunteers. - Interested in communication (verbal and photos) - Not afraid to contact unknown persons via phone, Skype, Zoom... (in English and in the native language) - Most of the work happens from our office, and with the computer. The project involves a lot of reading, writing, designing, translating,... We are open for your suggestions too. Feel free to ask via steven.vanholme@sll.fi

Datas da atividade

Um total de 20 semana(s) durante o período de 01/11/2022 a 30/06/2023

Local da atividade

Itälahdenkatu 22B, 00210 Helsinki Finland

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Temas da atividade

Cidadania e participação democrática

Ambiente e proteção da natureza

Emprego e empreendedorismo

Data-limite para a apresentação de candidaturas

Prazo de candidatura: 31/12/2037