Intercultural bridges

Intercultural bridges


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Срокът за кандидатстване изтече.

Описание на дейността

FAEL is a federation of nine associations whose objectives follow several axes: Intercultural exchanges by promoting the Spanish culture in Luxembourg and facilitating the access of the Spanish community to other in the country. Inclusion of immigrants in Luxembourg helping them on their integration by solving their installation problems (schooling, accommodation, work). Promotion of solidarity values amongst different communities Promotion of EU Citizenship and Democracy as steps and means towards a more solidary and developed society´. Volunteer tasks, which will be carried out in the Centro Español of Luxembourg, aiming to help on: Scheduling, organization and follow up of events Reception and advice to visitors. Communication and promotion via social networks and other means (this requires drafting texts in Spanish). Participation on specific projects of the member associations.

Настаняване, хранене и транспорт

The volunteer will have an individual room in one house or apartment shared with other persons (Volunteers, students or workers). This lodging will be ready for immediate use, furnished, equipped and with WIFI connection.

Обучение по време на дейността

Supervisor to advice and follow up the volunteer’s activity on a regular basis. Mentor, to see to the wellbeing and integration, and to flag any problem that may arise. FAEL’s president to arbitrate if need be. Weekly meetings with these key actors. Participation in training and socializing events by the national agency Linguistic training Encouragement to participate in activities to develop skills and increase capacities for personal development.

Профил на участника

Initiative, friendliness and openness Readiness to use social networks IT basic knowledge Higher (tertiary) education studies completed Linguistic capacities to: • perform the tasks (Spanish) • facilitate integration in the country (Official Luxembourg languages or English)

Дати на дейността

Общо 52 седмици в периода от 01/09/2022 до 31/08/2023

Място на дейността

27, rue de Strasbourg, 2561 Luxembourg Luxembourg

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Австрия, Белгия, България, Кипър, Чешка република, Германия, Дания, Естония, Гърция, Испания, Финландия, Франция, Хърватия, Унгария, Ирландия, Исландия, Италия, Лихтенщайн, Литва, Люксембург, Латвия, Малта, Нидерландия, Норвегия, Полша, Португалия, Румъния, Швеция, Украйна

Теми на дейността

Гражданство и демократично участие

Творчество и култура

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Срок за подаване на заявлението: 30/04/2022