Volunteering in Carpentry, Joinery & Electricians

Volunteering in Carpentry, Joinery & Electricians


Almada, Portugal

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The Navy is a branch of the Armed Forces endowed with administrative autonomy having as its function the National Defense. The Marine Cultural Commission (CCM) and the Cultural Bodies (ONC) mission is to support the Navy's institutional representation and strategic communication, disseminate and guarantee the preservation of its historical memory and contribute to the scientific and cultural development of the country, in the context of the sea and nautical sciences, and provide administrative support and financial to ONC and coordinating the preparation of exhibitions. This activity will happen in Fragata D. Fernando II e Glória. The tasks are: -Support in the various maintenance works; -Support to exhibitions; -Support in the preparation of visiting circuits.

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ProAtlântico will provide €5 to cover costs of food and extra expenses during non-working time. During working time the receiving organization provides suitable meal in the organization’s facilities, which is based on a Mediterranean diet. ProAtlântico provides accommodation in an apartment, University residence, hostel, hosting family in multiple bedroom with fully equipped kitchen, toilet and living room - electricity, water, gas, TV and Internet are covered by the project. The volunteers will have towels and bed clothes. A monthly local transport allowance is provided by the RO.

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on-arrival training - mid-term training - Online Linguistic Support - Other important subjects

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In general, the profile of the volunteers must be very human, self-motivated, creative, open minded, tolerant with self-initiative, willing to take on new challenges, very flexible and ready to help in different tasks, with good adaption to different realities and ready to live with different conditions and environments they are used to in their original country.

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Almada Portugal

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Data tal-għeluq tal-applikazzjoni: 30/09/2022