ESC WHAT! Waterways Heritage Management

ESC WHAT! Waterways Heritage Management

Sociedade de Historia Natural

Praia de Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras, Lisbon, Portugal

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The issue to be addressed is the need for a greater understanding of the importance of water and waterways (canals, rivers, harbors, aqueducts) for European Cultural Heritage and the re-purposing and celebration of water-related infrastructure. The community value of voluntary restoration and rejuvenation of this aspect of local life and infrastructure, in order for it to be continued to be enjoyed and appreciated by current and future generations, is, according to the participating organizations and in the estimation of the applicant organization, highly needed in the chosen locations. The activities foreseen are those necessary to clean and restore waterways and their surroundings in the chosen locations and to contribute to actions that will recognize and celebrate the importance of water and waterways for cultural heritage in the locations of the team ESC volunteering activities. This can include: clearing unwanted plants and weeds; collecting rubbish; painting and restoring o

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Accomodation: Will be at a camping site in our facility at Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras just 5 min to the beach. We will provide tents for each 2 person and sleeping bag for each participant. Food: We have a building in the camping site with fully equipped kitchen, fridge, microwave, oven.. We will provide meals for cooking and participants will use kitchen to cook or eat outside directly even in a barbecue place on the camping site. Transport: For local participants will be our Van or minibuses for using to go activities and ride for participants for their arrival and departure day.

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We will provide 3 different training action during the activity. - Geoheritage and Geoconservation including waterways management - Natural heritage management and Geographic Information Systems tools - Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironmental training for shed light in current climate crisis and climate change issues.

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We are looking for young people who are willing to communicate in English and are able to demonstrate an interest in, and basic knowledge about, waterways heritage, climate change, culture, history and be interested and motivated to share that with other young people and citizens from across Europe. There are no specific requirements for formal qualifications, education, specific language, skills and competencies. Priority will be given to young people with fewer opportunities, facing different obstacles such as economic, geographical, social etc.

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V období 10/08/2022 to 24/08/2022 celkový počet týdnů: 2

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Estrada Nacional 247, 2560-042 Praia de Santa Cruz, Torres Vedras, Lisbon Portugal

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Slovensko, Německo, Itálie, Spojené království

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