Promote intercultral projects and european mobility for the youth!

Promote intercultral projects and european mobility for the youth!

Fédération des œuvres laïques du Rhône et de la Métropole de Lyon

Lyon, France

La date limite de candidature est passée.

Description de l’activité

The volunteering takes place at the office of the FOL69 based in Lyon. Our activities are based on 3 approachs: - Promoting values of citizenship, solidarity and secularism - Developping community projects and volunteering for all - Reinforcing projects of lifelong learning for all As a volunteer, you will be part of the team working on youth engagement and mobility projects. Your tasks will be: - To organise worshops and activities for young volunteers (including refugees) in order to foster exchange and discussion on interculturality and citizenship - To promote European mobility by organising activities on interculturality, preparing and presenting European mobility programs during events like youth forums, engagement festivals.. - To promote the different forms of engagement of the youth of the network by the creation of communication content (whether filmed, written, drawn…) - To take initiatives to developp your individual project based on your personal interests!

Modalités d'hébergement, de restauration et de transport

The volunteer will live in a shared appartment with other young people in a residence (in Oullins, 15min from city center and FOL69 with the metro line). The volunteer will have an individual room and access to a kitchen (with a food allowance). The residence is well connected with a metro line, buses and easy access to bike lanes throughout the city. A public transportation card or a membership card for the city bike (Vélov’) will be provided. According to the programme, an allowance is provided for personnal expenses.

Formation pendant l’activité

The volunteer will have access to linguistic support (online platform and French class depending on needs). The volunteer will take part in the two training weeks organized by the ESC National Agency during the mission. According to the activities and opportunities within the host organisation, the volunteer will also be able to attend all the meetings, trainings and group works organised locally. The volunteer will have a tutor.

Profil du participant

We need a motivated volunteer willing to work and share with young people from different backgrounds! A basic level of French is required to be able to communicate with the staff and the target groups. Any skills related to photography, graphic design, video making, or experience in working with young people are appreciated. In your message, please tell us why this mission interests you? How would you imagine promoting European values and mobility during your volunteering? How would you like to foster links between the volunteers? We are looking forward to meeting you!

Dates de l’activité

Un total de 40 semaine(s) entre 01/10/2023 et 30/11/2024

Lieu de l’activité

20 rue François Garcin, 69003 Lyon France

 Volontariat individuel

Nous recherchons des participants venus de

Autriche, Bulgarie, Chypre, République tchèque, Danemark, Estonie, Grèce, Espagne, Finlande, Hongrie, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Suède, Roumanie, Serbie, Portugal, Pologne, Norvège, Pays-Bas, Italie, Luxembourg, Lituanie, Islande, Lettonie, Malte, Albanie, Croatie, Irlande, Allemagne

Thèmes de l’activité

Citoyenneté et participation démocratique

Date limite de dépôt des candidatures

Délai de dépôt de candidature: 24/07/2023