ESC WHAT - Waterways Heritage Action Together Padova

ESC WHAT - Waterways Heritage Action Together Padova

Centro Servizi Padova e Rovigo Solidali

Padova, Italy

Ansøgningsfristen er udløbet.

Beskrivelse af aktiviteten

The issue to be addressed is the need for a greater understanding of the importance of water and waterways (canals, rivers, ports, aqueducts) for Europe's cultural heritage and the re-appropriation and celebration of water-related infrastructure. The aim is to restore these places so that they can be enjoyed and appreciated by present and future generations. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn about the city's important cultural heritage.

Logi, mad og transport

Participants will be covered for their travel, food and accommodation expenses and they will get a pocket money of €5 per day as reimbursement of expenses. Participants will be accomodate in a hotel in mixed rooms with 4 beds each

Oplæring under aktiviteten

During the two weeks of the project, the participants will get to know the richness of the city of Padua from a cultural, social and environmental point of view. The theme of understanding the importance of water will be addressed from different theoretical and practical points of view and with cultural and workshop insights proposed by organisations operating in the city. In addition to practical moments, activities will be proposed in collaboration with some experts in order to create promotional material and as a symbol to leave at the end of the experience, with the help of an artist

Deltagerens profil

The criteria to select the young people will be based on their personal connection to an area of Europe where water and waterways are an important part of the local heritage and identity. They should be able to demonstrate an interest in, and basic knowledge about their local cultural heritage connected to waterways and be interested and motivated to share that with other young people and citizens from across Europe. There will be no specific requirement for the volunteers in terms of formal qualifications or or specific language, skills and competencies.

Datoer for aktiviteter

I alt 2 uge(r) i perioden 28/08/2022 til 11/09/2022

Steder for aktiviteter

via Gradenigo 10, 35131 Padova Italy

Leder efter deltagere fra

Portugal, Slovakiet, Forenede Kongerige, Det, Tyskland, Spanien, Belgien, Tjekkiet, Rumænien, Ungarn, Grækenland, Bulgarien, Kroatien, Frankrig

Emner for aktiviteten

Borgerskab og deltagelse i demokratiet


Ansøgningsfrist: 30/07/2022