Six months in Sicily: green practices and environmental awarness

Six months in Sicily: green practices and environmental awarness

Palma Nana Soc. Coop.

Cefalù, Italy

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Wat houdt de activiteit in?

A volunteering activity in Sicily, in the Centre for Environmental Education Serra Guarneri. Six months of volunteering in rural sicily to learn about sustainable tourism, environmental education and regenerative agriculture. You'll become part of the community of Serra Guarneri and join the activities hosted. The project is aimed at boosting the rural life, by nurturing the imagination and acquiring skills to implement sustainable life-styles in rural communities. The project is aimed at the semi-professionalization of young people, through a solidarity activities to be implemented in a Centre for Environmental Education in rural Sicily. The long-term aim of the project is to build a generation that work towards the regeneration, and not the degradation of the self and the planet. To do that, the young generation needs to invent and to acquire the social and practical skills to access the labour market with innovative answers

Regelingen voor accommodatie, eten, en vervoer

Shared rooms in the CEA. Serra Guarneri is a small rural hamlet, merged in a Mediterranean wood. It is composed of small houses clustred around the main structure. To-day, it hosts a Centre for Environmental Education, run by the cooperative Palma Nana and credited by the WWF, the Italian Ministry for Education and the Administration of the Madonie Mountain Park. Food will be shared with the other inhabitants of the CEA. The nearest urban center is Sant'Ambrogio, a fraction of Cefalù, a small. We offer lifts to participants in their free days or according to their needs

Wat leer je?

Every volunteer will attend an Italian Language course. Moreover the educational program planned for the volunteering activity will alternate different phases. These phases will embed an experience-based learning process, to conjugate the contribution that the youngsters will leave to the local community with the acquisition of social and practical skills. They will learn about resilience, education, regenerative agriculture and the botanic of the Mediterranean.

Wie zoeken we?

Young, motivated and flexible Not a high level of enghlish will be required. No strong previous experience will be necessary to access the project, but a strong motivation to be open to transformation, not only at a personal level but also as a search toward social and environmental justice in the local ad the wider community. Graphic skill is required!

Begin- en einddatum

Totaal 26 week/weken in de periode van 02/09/2022 tot 02/03/2023


Contrada Guarneri, 90015 Cefalù Italy

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Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: 15/08/2022