"Muros que desaparecen"

"Muros que desaparecen"


Vigo, Spain

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The general objective of this project is to promote the integration of applicants for international protection through the experiences and learning that volunteers can contribute, allowing the enrichment and cultural exchange that they can offer. Volunteers will be able to benefit from the experience of participating in a multidisciplinary team through which they expand their personal and professional training, through non-formal activities and continuous learning throughout their stay. Through this project, it facilitates integration into the host society and makes this situation visible in local communities. The project will be carried out in the Spanish town of Vigo, in Galicia, in northern Spain.

Szállás, étkezés és utazás

The volunteer will reside in a single room in an apartment shared with other volunteers. As in all ESC projects, Pocket Money and Food Money are provided, which will be transferred directly to the volunteer's current account at the beginning of each month. As in any ESC project, the volunteer will be entitled to CIGNA insurance and reimbursement for the round trip according to limits provided by the European Solidarity Corps program.

Képzés a tevékenység során

During the entire duration of the project, the volunteer will be guaranteed mentoring and online tutoring by the supporting organization. You will have access to Spanish classes and you will be able to benefit from the specific courses that Accem gives to the entity's users.

Résztvevői profil

We will value that the participants have some of these characteristics: - Have common sense and assertiveness. - Possess a strong motivation for the activity to be developed, not so much for the country or for learning the language. - Be convinced of the role of cultural exchanges in promoting peace and stability. - Ability to take initiative and be proactive. - Flexibility, responsibility, patience. - Be willing to participate in all the activities that the Accem staff will carry out: linguistic support, accompaniments, cultural and leisure activities, always respecting

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Összesen 25 hét 23/01/2023 és 23/07/2023 között

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C/ Conde Torrecedeira, 74, 36202 Vigo Spain

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Menekültek és migránsok befogadása és integrációja

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Jelentkezés határideje: 16/01/2023