A Fling Called Swing ESC ST ONE

A Fling Called Swing ESC ST ONE

De Amicitia

Sanet i Negrals, Spain

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Popis činnosti

Looking for musicians to join a very special art and social project. The volunteers will create a Band preferably of Swing that will offer concerts to the elderly and vulnerable people in residential houses and hospitals. Due to Covid 19 loneliness has generated a significant increase in senile dementia, reduced mobility, depression and dependency among the vulnerable population. In fact, these concerts will not only become additional entertainment but above all an opportunity for social relations and the dissemination of healthy practices and healthy living. Also, we want to involve dancers, artists and video makers so that they participate and unite in the emotional bonds between people of different generations. The activities will also include the creation of mural art to make the project more visible and a final Concert with a Local Band. Therefore ONLY volunteers with skills to play musical instruments will be principally included in the selection process

Ubytování, stravování, doprava

The first days will be used to practise and for group dynamics, and therefore the group will stay at a remote house to be able to create a repertory. During the following days, they will be travelling to other locations. Food expenses are covered by De Amicitia. The volunteers are meant to cook their meals.

Odborná příprava během činnosti

The volunteers will have an opportunity to live and play together in a group of people of different nationalities, so they can learn many interesting things from each other and raise their level of cultural tolerance. Also, it´s a great experience of working in a team, especially an international one. It´s a project where you can show all your musical talents and creativity.

Profil účastníka

We are looking for young people who have musical skills and can play an instrument to be inlcude in a Swing Band. Lindy hop dancers, painters and video makers may be included somehow as long as the can play music. Candidates are welcome to send us a video where we can evaluate their skills as a musician or artists together with a CV. Additionally to info@deamicitia.org, Spanish knowledge is very welcome.

Období činnosti

V období 01/01/2023 to 31/08/2023 celkový počet týdnů: 8

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03769 Sanet i Negrals Spain

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