BioArt Village - Q1 2023

BioArt Village - Q1 2023

BioArt Laboratories Foundation

Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Opis aktivnosti

BioArt Village is located in the green heart of Eindhoven and is an off-grid WW2 bunker-complex with the looks of farmhouses. BioArt Village is a project on itself where we actively work on societal challenges or concepts that encompass sustainable development and practices of the human ecological habitat and climate. Within this framework, people have to approach systems from a symbiotic point of view where nature, arts, technology and innovation come together.

Smještaj, hrana i prijevoz

We provide basic accommodations that come with the off-grid character of the location. The place is situated close to the city-center and access to bikes is possible after a deposit. Basic ingredients for food will be provided (bread, eggs, butter, salt, pepper, oil, rice, pasta, beans, frozen vegetables, tomato paste, stock cubes, onion, potatoes, tea bags, sugar, coffee creamer, instant coffee). You are cooking together, therefore some cooking skills are required. Costs for travel and pocket money are provided up-to the funding budget according to the European Solidarity Corps.

Osposobljavanje tijekom aktivnosti

As our activities and projects are quite diverse, so would be the development of skills and competencies. As you work along with our projects, you can get into self-sustainable practices and concepts; learn how to take care of animals; approach projects and solutions with a DIY mentality and an hands-on approach; learn to apply gardening, renovation, woodworking and so on. Online Linguistic Support is also possible.

Profil sudionika

We are looking for volunteers who have interest in the various subjects of the project such as sustainability, system changes for a circular economy and nature. Someone who loves to do practical work outside and inside; help with animal care, maintenance and gardening; assisting with rebuilding the village. The volunteer is eager to explore new possibilities with a go-getter mentality and proactive attitude, wanting to make a meaningful contribution to society and thereby endorse core values such as solidarity, cooperation and mutual understanding and respect.

Datumi aktivnosti

Ukupan broj tjedana: 13 (u razdoblju od 01/12/2022 do 28/02/2023)

Lokacija aktivnosti

Oirschotsedijk 14-10, 5651GC Eindhoven Netherlands

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Rok za prijavu: 31/10/2022