Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych "LOGOS POLSKA"

Poznań, Poland

This activity is closed, you cannot apply.

Description de l’activité

Help us with managing all activities related to the first response in Poznań! We are involved in work at the reception points in Poznań, and organizing integration activities for refugees and the local community (check our work here: https://www.facebook.com/logosngo) in our area. You would join our local volunteers and help with activities connected to first response, such as food distribution as well as with cultural events, workshops and excursions organised within our local project "Poznawaj", which aims to bring people together and include both Ukrainian and Polish citizens with to share their experiences and history, and make everybody feel welcome.

Modalités d'hébergement, de restauration et de transport

You will receive a grant of 500 EUR to cover your expenses related to food and accommodation. Additionally, your travel costs will be reimbursed for up to 275 euros.

Profil du participant

We are looking for proactive people aged 18-30, who are willing to take initiative and join our team for one month to help with refugee integration activities in Poznań.

Dates de l’activité

Un total de 4 semaine(s) entre 01/08/2022 et 31/12/2022

Lieu de l’activité

ul. GROMADZKA 26, 61-665 Poznań Poland

Nous recherchons des participants venus de

Albanie, Arménie, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, République tchèque, Allemagne, Danemark, Estonie, Grèce, Espagne, Finlande, France, Croatie, Hongrie, Italie, Lituanie, Lettonie, Monténégro, Macédoine du Nord, Pays-Bas, Norvège, Portugal, Roumanie, Serbie, Suède, Slovénie, Slovaquie, Pologne, Géorgie, Ukraine

Thèmes de l’activité

Accueil et intégration des réfugiés et des migrants

Date limite de dépôt des candidatures

Pas de date limite de dépôt de candidature