Social Media Management ESC at NaturKultur Bremen e.V.

Social Media Management ESC at NaturKultur Bremen e.V.

NaturKultur Bremen e.V.

Bremen, Germany

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Descrizione dell'attività

n Bremen there are a great many inspirational NGOs that do amazing work for the local community, through many varying activities and methods. They act in solidarity in order to give those with less opportunities the chance to take and active part in their communities and shine. Unfortunately these acts of solidarity are not always recognised to the degree that they perhaps deserve by the wider population, due to lack of social media presence. This project hopes to set about solving this problem by introducing young passionate volunteers into the teams of these NGOs so they can help build up their social media pages and get more recognition, and not only that, but also inspire more people to act in solidarity. Your tasks would therefore focus on managing our social media pages, increasing our audience and making your contribution to the community of Bremen and NaturKultur e.V.!

Alloggio, vitto e trasporto

You will be accommodated in a house just for ESC volunteers in Bremen, where you will have your own room. Bremen is a city in North-West Germany (around 500.000 inhabitants), close to Hamburg, the border with the Netherlands and the North Sea coast. Bremen is a vibrant, multi-cultural city with a lot of young people and where you can find a historical centre, modern and cultural areas. As an ESC volunteer, you will receive health insurance, 150€ monthly pocket money, 242,32€ for living expenses. Travel costs will be reimbursed depending on the travel distance (normally between 180€-275€).

Formazione durante l'attività

In the beginning of your stay with us in Bremen, you will have a weekly meeting with your mentor and the other volunteers to learn how social media works and how you can use it, and you will develop your skills on the way! You will also participate in the On-Arrival and Mid-term trainings with all volunteers in Germany.

Profilo del partecipante

To find out whether you can apply, please visit our website:

Data dell'attività

Un totale di 52 settimana/e nel periodo compreso tra 01/05/2023 e 30/04/2024

Luogo dell'attività

Bremen Germany

Cercasi partecipanti da

Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaigian, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Belgio, Bulgaria, Bielorussia, Cipro, Repubblica ceca, Danimarca, Estonia, Grecia, Spagna, Finlandia, Francia, Georgia, Croazia, Ungheria, Irlanda, Islanda, Italia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Lussemburgo, Lettonia, Moldova (Republic of), Montenegro, Macedonia del Nord, Malta, Paesi Bassi, Norvegia, Polonia, Portogallo, Romania, Serbia, Russian Federation, Svezia, Slovenia, Slovacchia, Turchia, Ucraina, Kosovo * UN resolution

Argomenti dell'attività

Istruzione e formazione

Creatività e cultura

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Termine di presentazione delle domande: 13/11/2022