Foreigners' Integration Center in Konin

Foreigners' Integration Center in Konin

Centrum Integracji Cudzoziemców

Konin, Poland

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The Regional Center for Social Policy (ROPS) is a public institution with a crucial social mission - building a high-quality place to live for all inhabitants of the region regardless of the country of origin. The Center in Konin provides a holistic form of assistance for migrants staying in Wielkopolska (the information point with all the necessary information on various aspects related to everyday life in Poland, the Polish language and adaptation courses, juridical and psychological support, activities for kids,etc) Volunteer tasks will include: getting to know the target group of our activities; coming up with an idea for personal mini-project, that will be planned according to the needs of the target group; finding partners for cooperation and planning the necessary budget; organising planned events and meetings, attentiveness to the needs of participants; sharing experiences and impressions; promotion of organised activities; taking care of the digital documentation

Szállás, étkezés és utazás

The volunteer will be accomodated in a shared flat, in a single room. The Center is within a walking distance from the flat, but the volunteer will be provided with the city transport card as well. The volunteer receives a fixed amount of a monthly support allowance and pocket money (120 euro). Konin is a town in Greater Poland, famous for its green areas, lakes and forests nearby. It is located around 1,5 hour by train from Poznań.

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At the beginning of the project, the volunteer will go on On-Arrival Training to get to know what exactly the ESC project is in practice, to know your rights and obligations and to meet volunteers from other organizations. In the middle of the project, she/he will go on Midterm Training to summarize the experiences so far, get inspired and make the most of the remaining project time. More trainings will be offered via The Center and via Stowarzyszenie Jeden Świat, the Leading Organisation.

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We are looking for a volunteer: -who will support us to stimulate the cooperation of local communities, -who, by organizing different types of common activities, will create a friendly space for youth and children -who is interested in theater, music, sports, recreation, tourism, art. - who likes to work with different people and care about the world future, -is open-minded and creative, -want to learn new things, -is responsible and motivated to act. Sense of humour is always welcome :) Come and change this piece of Earth to be a better place for all of us.

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Összesen 1 hét 01/01/2023 és 31/08/2023 között

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Chopina 23B, 62-500 Konin Poland

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Menekültek és migránsok befogadása és integrációja

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