DONATE, LIVE, INCLUDE - Volunteer to Promote a New Lifestyle

DONATE, LIVE, INCLUDE - Volunteer to Promote a New Lifestyle

Avis Regionale Lombardia

Milano, Italy

The application deadline has passed.

Activity description

Avis Regionale Lombardia is welcoming two young, ambitious and dynamic volunteers, who are willing to take ahead a set of activities aiming to build up a sense of solidarity and support of the needy. As a coordinating branche of Avis headquarters in the region of Lombardy; the association takes part in regional promotional activities, constructing exchange opportunities of personal and professional experiences, as well as the development of soft and interpersonal skills. "Donate, Live, Include" is a project that will promote a new lifestyle, through a set of daily activities taking place in the office of Avis Lombardia, such as providing support to the organization in the preparation phase of promotional events, social media management and back office. The volunteers are expected to start their activities in different periods of time; seeing that the first will be taking off starting from the end of January and the second during the month of May both lasting for 8 months.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Avis guarantees decent and safe accommodation for volunteers, in terms of livability and of personal safety. Avis has a comfortable and functional apartment, located in a very well served area in Milan-Niguarda area. The volunteer will have a shared room, kitchen, bathroom and areas for socializing. The accommodation is complete with essential services, internet connection, furnishings and linen. Will be guaranteed board, lodging, public transport pass, reimbursement for air travel to/from the country of origin, monthly "pocket money" of €150,00 and €200,00 per month for food allowance.

Training during the activity

The experience includes participation in a language course offered by the hosting organization upon arrival, as well as two training sessions regarding the European volunteering experience that are offered by the National Agency. In addition to the ones mentioned above the organization also includes the volunteers in training courses established within the association in collaboration with other NGOs and Universities.

Participant profile

The "ideal" candidate for this project is a male/female strongly interested in themes of active solidarity, volunteering, gift and participation in citizenship. A person who, through the choice of intense and continuous voluntary experience, intends to strengthen their skills, broaden their cultural horizons, build an identity of a citizen who "thinks globally and acts locally". Furthermore, it shares the values of Volunteering and Gift and believes in promoting a society based on solidarity, shared responsibility, mutual support and mutual understanding.

Activity dates

A total of 47 week(s) during the period 31/01/2023 to 31/12/2023

Activity location

Largo Volontari del Sangue, 1, 20133 Milano Italy

Looking for participants from

Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Finland, France, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Activity topics

Health and wellbeing

Deadline for applications

Application deadline: 16/01/2023