Stowarzyszenie Międzynarodowej i Międzykulturowej Wymiany ANAWOJ

Michałowo, Poland

De sollicitatietermijn is verstreken.

Wat houdt de activiteit in?

A group of volunteers will become animators of creative activities. They will disseminate their own culture, promote diversity, intercultural dialogue, other views and approaches, activate the local society with various creative methods (e.g. theater, music, circus, art), arouse interest in otherness and diversify the local community's free time with interesting, creative and activating elements. The general thematic areas of our creative and educational activities are: intercultural education, circus animation, cultural animation, art, culture, music, theater and street art. With this project, we want to awaken in local community a sense of belonging to a larger group and understanding for otherness, which will result in greater tolerance and respect. Through various forms of activities (workshops, meetings, intercultural animations, circus, theater, music, art and street art), depending on the skills and interests of volunteers, we will plant a creativity in the recipients.

Regelingen voor accommodatie, eten, en vervoer

All volunteers will live in common rented house in village - Sokole. They are going to share rooms, kitchen and toilet with other volunteers. The conditions will be basic. Volunteers should be ready to sleep on mattresses on the floor. Travel costs will be reimbursed from project budget. Food or groceries to prepare meals will be provided. In the village Sokole there is no shop, no bar or pub. The volunteers during all project limit the production of garbage, the usage of electricity and the usage of water.

Wat leer je?

During project all volunteers will take part in introductory training, basic polish language and introduction into polish culture. We will introduce volunteers deeper into the subject of the project by organize various thematic workshops. We plan several of the following workshops: - intercultural education and non-formal education workshops, - art, music, circus and theater workshops, - animation workshops and methods of working with children, - getting to know the culture of Poland, the surrounding area and the countryside.

Wie zoeken we?

We are looking for positive person, who is very interested in intercultural education and creativity activities. Someone who is open-minded and ready for leading own workshops with courage. Person who maybe already have some creative hobbies and wants to share it with group and if not – ready to learn new things. Someone who have some experience with working with kids and teenagers, and ready to experience more from non-formal education.

Begin- en einddatum

Totaal 4 week/weken in de periode van 21/05/2023 tot 18/06/2023


Gródecka 4, 16-050 Michałowo Poland

Voor deelnemers uit:

Oostenrijk, België, Bulgarije, Cyprus, Tsjechië, Duitsland, Denemarken, Griekenland, Spanje, Finland, Frankrijk, Georgië, Kroatië, Hongarije, IJsland, Italië, Litouwen, Letland, Malta, Nederland, Noorwegen, Polen, Portugal, Roemenië, Slovenië, Slowakije, Oekraïne, Canary Islands


Onderwijs en opleiding

Creativiteit en cultuur

Uiterste sollicitatiedatum

Uiterste inschrijvingsdatum: 31/03/2023