looking for volunteers in Austria autumn 2023 on

looking for volunteers in Austria autumn 2023 on

Diakoniewerk Gallneukirchen

Gallneukirchen, Austria

Opis dejavnosti

The aim of this institution is to help those who are not able to help themselves. We work with persons with special needs who live in small sharing communities together (6-8 persons) as well as with persons who live in our home for old people. We attend to these persons from dusk to down (dressing, shopping, cooking, going for walks, going to church, cleaning, free time activities etc.). In Gallneukirchen we have 9 houses for people with special needs . These have respectively 2,4,6 or 8 units. In the units live 4 to 9 persons who are taken care of by one or two employers. All together about 700 employers work at our instituion in Gallneukirchen. In the old people`s home takes care for 40 persons. For this volunteering Project in working with persons from different Ages (children up to elderly People), in a home for elderly, creative Workshop, kindergarten, theatre Group,......we are looking for a motivated Person.

Nastanitev, prehrana in prevoz

Accommodation: The volunteers will be accommodated in a flat near the hostingprojects, in a safe area with room on their own. Food/Meals: Each volunteer will receive a food of the project and allowance to cover his needs for all meals of the day.

Usposabljanje med dejavnostjo

The volunteer gets all volunteering seminars (on Arrival, mid term Meeting) and all other work related Trainings.

Profil udeleženca

we are open to host all youngsters between 18-30 years!!!; so we will not mention a special profile, as it just depends from the person. As it is a huge organisation that works with persons with different needs, they are already prepared for nearly all. If you are interested in this place, please contact susanne.rosmann@4yougend.at

Datumi dejavnosti

Skupno število tednov: 78 (v obdobju od 01/02/2023 do 30/07/2024)

Kraj dejavnosti

Martin Boos Strasse 4, 4210 Gallneukirchen Austria

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