Volunteer in Vilnius Balsiai School

Volunteer in Vilnius Balsiai School

Vilnius Balsiai School

Vilnius, Lithuania

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Opis działania

Balsiai, situated in the vibrant city of Vilnius, offers an enticing blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Surrounded by the picturesque Verkių Regional Park and blessed with the soothing presence of the Neris river - it is a true haven for nature lovers. The streets of Balsiai, named after pagan deities, preserve the rich symbols of our old culture. Your assistance will be sought after in various fields: • Create a dynamic and vibrant environment during breaks and free lessons, fostering the spirit of exploration through games, group work, and thematic conversations. • Care for the children after classes, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment while they await transportation home. • Support students with learning difficulties, providing them with the individualized help they need to succeed academically. • Assist the social pedagogues in their work with students who may be facing behavioral challenges, both on an individual basis and in group settings.

Zakwaterowanie, wyżywienie i transport

As a volunteer, you will be hosted by the community family in their private house. However to ensure that you can share your experience with others, you will be added to the volunteer Whatsapp group. You will also get: - a monthly bus card; - a monthly stipend for food and pocket money; - a team of dedicated professionals, including a mentor for personal support, a project coordinator to help you get the most out of your experience, and a tutor from the hosting organization to guide you every step of the way.

Szkolenie w trakcie działania

Maximize your potential and make the most of your volunteer experience with our comprehensive support system! As a volunteer, you will receive On-Arrival and Mid-Term trainings organized by the National Agency, as well as regular meetings with our dedicated Coordinating Organization. We understand that reflection is key to personal growth, which is why hosting organisation offers regular reflection sessions. These sessions provide a safe and supportive environment to share your experiences, learn from one another, and grow both personally and professionally.

Profil uczestnika

Show self-motivation and a desire to take on new challenges. Be open and adaptable to working with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Be versatile, flexible, and proactive in taking the lead. Have experience working with children. Show strong conflict management skills and the ability to handle conflicts effectively. Be enthusiastic and eager to participate in all activities. Demonstrate maturity, responsibility, and accountability. Show genuine interest in living with a family and being part of the community.

Daty projektu

Łączna liczba tygodni:39 w okresie od 01/10/2023 do 30/06/2024

Miejsce realizacji projektu

Vilnius Lithuania

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