Stay 2 months at an eco community on the countryside Sweden.

Stay 2 months at an eco community on the countryside Sweden.

Hastekasen farm association

No city, Sweden

The application deadline has passed.

Activity description

Life and activities on an eco-community farm Hästekasen Farm and adventure center in Sweden is looking for volunteers to be here 6 months: First month preparation for arrival of 12 more volunteers. As an applicant we ask you to be interested in being a leader and have previous experience with this. You will also have to be a fairly practical person since everything here is based on manual work. For the right person longer stay may be possible. In the second month we will be 17 people that will run a simple household together and build with clay, straw and wood. Maybe also some cement and stone work with a well. Apply here: Read here:

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Food and accommodation is paid for. Only vegetarian food, very little sugar. YOU have to bake. Shared room, simple, maybe caravan, maybe ants and spiders. Only dry toilet. Not too many showers or laundry. No wifi. No smpoking. Travel is paid for, up to a limit. Not easy to leave the farm, 95% of the volunteers prefer to stay all the time at the farm. 150 euro in pocket money every month. Looking for people that like camping and being in nature.

Training during the activity

This is not a school. Non-formal education, meaning you have to learn what you can by taking part in the work. You will, if you pay attention, learn how to build with clay, how to create your own food, take control over water and sewage and live simple and more sustainable.

Participant profile

Practical work on an isolated farm in nature. No smoking, No meat, no wifi, no mobiles 1. Experience of manual/practical work. 2. A proven desire to live simple and close to nature. 3. Communicative skills, be able to express your opinion and needs. (English). 4. Ambitious with a work ethic, preferably quick learners. 5. A motivation to do lifestyle change and reduce our “footprint”. 6. Exploring self sustainable lifestyle. People with work ethics, entrepreneurial ambitions, leadership ambitions will be prioritized. Answer this:

Activity dates

A total of 8 week(s) during the period 01/04/2023 to 31/10/2023

Activity location

Hästekasvägen 6, Uddevalla, Sweden, 45196 No city Sweden

Looking for participants from

France, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Ukraine

Activity topics

Environment and natural protection

Health and wellbeing

Employment and entrepreneurship

Deadline for applications

Application deadline: 15/01/2023