#EUSolidarityCorps Poem Contest "My European Solidarity Corps and what solidarity means to me"

Dear Community,

The European Solidarity Corps team is happy that 57 young people took part in our poem competition. We also want to let you know that we already have 10 winners!

Please find a teaser of each of the 10 winner stories below and check out the winning poem of the month. If you want to read the whole story, click on “Read more” and you will be redirected to its full version (and translation in English, if applicable).


Ode to Solidarity

United we stand, agents of solidarity Harbingers of oneness, happiness and prosperity Regardless of the lines we have drawn in the ground We come together, passionate voices abound …
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Leaving is the first step towards understanding

… La solidarietà è tendere una mano per sentirsi ogni giorno un po’ più umano. … Solidarity means reaching out to others, so that we feel a little more human each day.
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Stand for another as you would for yourself

… Thankful as I am, the project let me see beyond The essence of the calling was altering my attitude These weren’t just names on the bank food lists anymore There were stories behind each pers
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With love, for Solidarity

Cum ar fi dacă vom învăța, ORIUNDE și ORICÂND, pe cel de lângă noi, a-l respecta, … What would it be if we learnt, ANYWHERE and ANYTIME, to respect the one next to us,
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Are you sure?

… We worked with people - elderly and children overall Were helping with kids homework, with finding a right goal We built huge castles free-for-all And learned behaviour control Became a family
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Seed of Solidarity

It’s early Friday morning, All my bags are packed, I’m hearing whispers and murmurs of “Go n-eiri leat” (Good Luck to you) …
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SOL is the Sun in español, … IDA is the East in Eesti, … RI is the day in Chinese, … And TY is two words, … So, all of the above define SOL-IDA-RI-ΤΥ.
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Culture without frontiers

Se comunicaba con un lenguaje trascendental, El idioma de la solidaridad … … Communicating through a transcendental tongue The language of solidarity.
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Our motherland, a land of opportunities

… The harm is being blind when you are lucky enough to see The harm is having been all your life long privileged without saying once thanks …
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My solidarity experience

... Det handler om at give plads, være åben, være nysgerrig Og vigtigst af alt; hjælpes ad ... It is about being accommodating, being open, being curious And, most important of all, helping e
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