Short stories

Dear Community,

The European Solidarity Corps team is happy that 78 young people took part in our short story competition. We also want to let you know that we already have 10 winners! Please find a teaser of each of the 10 winner stories below. If you want to read the whole story, click on “Read more” and you will be redirected to its full version (and translation in English, if applicable).

Learning the real values of life

Experiencing these many emotions while doing voluntary work helps you realise the importance of non-material things, the real values in life...
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The get together

But above all we developed our capacity to better understand each other. To make friends with people shaped by another culture and history. To spread the idea of solidarity among nations ...
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Half-time show

Now I would like to invite you to join me for my personal half-time show; and hopefully for readers it will be a good spectacle and something to enjoy...
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The Flight Of Flamingo Boy

My name is Hugo, but I’m better known as the Flamingo Boy! You might be thinking, what a strange and beautiful name … what’s the story behind it?
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A fairy tale in the land of dragons and castles

Once upon a time, there was a younger girl from Estonia looking for a volunteering project abroad She moved into a modest castle with five other volunteering princesses, one fairer than the other...
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The European Solidarity Corps and how to tell a story without words

I have encountered a huge team of people who make this experience possible on a daily basis, in a city, which is enormous, frenetic, full of people and multicultural...
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Inclusion and diversity: my European voluntary service experience

In the society in which we live, immersed in artificial networks which connect us, inform us and perhaps also misinform us, it is essential to work with young people to achieve a committed society ...
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Things happen when you least expect them

I genuinely knew nothing about this region, and since I had no expectations, I was not scared. On the contrary, it was more out of curiosity that I decided to go to the other side of Europe...
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A Wild Year

My heart was yearning for the opportunity to put my knowledge into practice. I was ready to go from reading about how to make a difference, to actually making a difference...
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Departures & Arrivals - a story of change

By listening to these diverse people who I had only met because of the volunteering, I understood something extraordinary: we can learn from anyone, no matter their age, origin, background or belief .
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