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Young people sitting in a circle and listening to a presentation © Piotr Warzyszyński

About how young people can benefit from European organisations

Last updated on Wednesday, 22/02/2023

In this podcast, Maria Bajorek, member of the European Pool of Young Journalists, interviews Barbara Moś, founder of the organisation Europe4Youth based in Kraków, Poland.

The podcast walks us through the journey of the Europe4Youth organisation from its inception thanks to her first youth exchange to the broad range of activities that they have managed to implement for young people in Krakow and abroad. Barbara unveils how the organisation is connected to the European Union and the Erasmus+ programme and also how they continue supporting young people at the local level to invite everyone to get involved. They also highlight how young people can benefit from and get involved in local organisations with a European focus.

Press play to learn about their impressive achievements for young people and stay tuned for upcoming episodes on European opportunities! 



Meet the author Maria Bajorek (Member of the pool of European young journalists – Edition 2022)

"I am a young journalist from Poland. I am keen on media world since two years. I have already experience writing in three youth newspapers and I am also creating a social project about media and disinformation. I am responsible for making podcasts and writing articles. This project won a prize for the best educational project in Poland in 2021. I am volunteering in at the local community level and I am also passionate about all topics related to politics, media and leadership."


This podcast reflects the views of the authors only. The European Commission cannot be held responsible for it.