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A tour around the Citizens’ Panel in Dublin

Zuletzt aktualisiert am Montag, 23/05/2022

As part of our participation in the European Pool of Young Journalists, we travelled to Dublin to experience first-hand the Conference on the Future of Europe, talk to participants and even interview the Commissioner for Democracy and Demography!

This conference is the first of its kind. People with different ages, from backgrounds and views gathered to discuss jobs, economy, social justice, education, culture, youth, sport and digital transformation in Europe. They issued many recommendations related to these topics which will be later submitted for follow-up to the Parliament, the Council and the Commission, which form the Joint Presidency.

In this novel format, Citizens’ Panels have been a crucial feature in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe to organise discussions among Europeans from different backgrounds and locations across Europe about key topics. 

In this video we recorded our experience following the developments around the Citizens’ Panel in Dublin. We had the opportunity to talk to Ms Dubravka Šuica, Commissioner for Democracy and Demography, who shared her opinion about the importance of young people’s voice in this conference.

Given the space and importance given to young people in the CoFoE process (one third of participants are below 25 years old) we also had the chance to talk to Greta Karoline Adamek (22 year-old from Germany), Jessica Bangabelet (19 year-old from France), Massimo Cherrett (19 year-old from Malta) and Vidas Balakauskas (57 year-old from Lithuania) and get their views on the process as well as get to know their expectations. 

Massimo shared with us “at first I was sceptical, I thought it was to pay lip service to engaging citizens with politics but then when we started to actually discuss in subgroups and I saw the result of our debate I was satisfied, very satisfied and I feel proud of the recommendations that came out after our debates”.

We hope this video will help you get a better idea of the conference itself and get to know participants’ opinions about this unique event.



Meet the authors Mai Ly Le and Agnė Jankauskaitė

"I am Mai Ly, 17 years old and I come from Darmstadt, Germany. At my school, I have founded a school newspaper and enjoy standing up for students’ rights as head girl. In my freetime, I play the violin, dance acrobatic Rock’n’Roll and read a lot."

"I'm Agnė, a secondary-education student from Lithuania. And I would like to channel my next educational steps towards Journalism studies. I have also experience volunteering in a local library where I helped our local librarians to write reviews on the newest books and organise interactive events for young book lovers. My most loved ones decribe me as ambitious, energetic and positivite. I hope to spread similar energy through my work because writing articles, making videos and meeting people brings me happiness."


This article and video reflect the views of the author only. The European Commission cannot be held responsible for it.



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