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New E.R.A. Volunteering Teams



Koutsopodi, Greece


FOR YOUR APPLICATION TO BE CONSIDERED IT IS REQUIRED TO FILL THIS FORM (YOU NEED TO COPY&PASTE THE LINK TO YOUR BROWSER): | INFOPACK: | Live for 1 month in Hopeland, a 7-acre educational eco-community in southern Greece focusing on sustainability and co-create your dream community with 17 more volunteers from around Europe. Put your hands, mind and creativity into use in order to assist with the enhancement of the place and to connect with the local community of Hopeland. New E.R.A. is focusing on 3 pillars supporting Hopeland and its activities happening in place or together with the surrounding community. The project is focusing on creating a sustainable temporary eco-community consisting of the volunteering teams' participants. The 3 pillars of the project are: 1.Engage [Connect and contribute to the local community] , 2.Root [Personal Mark. Reflection. Skills. Attitudes], 3. Action [Hands on Work. Doing].

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Accommodation is happening in a big camping area that we call the Village, equipped with 5 big teepee tents. The Village is the Volunteers Area. The guesthouse will also be available exempt from the times that another group is hosted in Hopeland. The venture runs in solar panels, therefore, electricity is limited and on rainy days with strong consumption of electricity, we can run out of electric power. There is no possibility of using hair dryers and washing of clothes can only be done the traditional way. There is a separate kitchen building and we opt for vegetarian food.

Participant profile

We are looking for people enthusiastic with hands-on activities, eager to take initiatives and create opportunities for themselves and society. You should also be ready to live in a rural environment with basic conditions and ready to be challenged into aligning together with people from different cultures into making together a sustainable community. We lastly suggest you have a clear plan and vision regarding their participation in the project and beyond.

Activity dates

From 29/10/2024 to 29/11/2024

Activity location

Koutsopodi, Greece

Volunteering teams

Looking for participants from

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Spain, France, Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia

Activity topics

Environment and natural protection

Health and wellbeing

Education and training

Deadline for applications

No application deadline