Gender Officer in Colombia (Tumaco) Humanitarian Volunteer

Gender Officer in Colombia (Tumaco) Humanitarian Volunteer

Alianza por la Solidaridad

Tumaco, Colombia

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Descripción de la actividad

Alianza por la Solidaridad, a member of ActionAid, aims to achieve an active citizenship that fights against inequalities and for the recognition of human rights. It carries out development cooperation and education projects to eradicate gender-based violence, migrants' rights and for climate justice. Join us at our office in Tumaco! You will have the chance to participate in every action regarding women’s rights, this means to organise and plan strategies adapted to the reality of women in a rural environment, generate inputs and participatory group methodologies with a gender perspective, and review and create training and awareness raising materials. In addition, you will collaborate in the support of the articulation of women’s organisations and local networks. In the end of you experience you will know how to carry out field activities to strengthen women's leadership and the practice of human rights.

Alojamiento, manutención y transporte

You will have the opportunity to live with other people but with individual bedroom. The accommodation costs and utility bills will be covered by the organization and a phone card will be provided. The house will be located close to the office. You will receive a monthly allowance of 570€ for your personal expenses, including food and local transport. You will also be covered with a health insurance (Henner).

Formación durante la actividad

You will receive training which will cover topics such as: induction to Alianza por la Solidaridad, induction to the European Solidarity Corps, responsibilities and rights of the organisations and of the volunteer, Youthpass, Henner insurance and SHEA. In addition, you will be trained more specifically in feminist leadership, gender violence prevention and productive and reproductive rights. In the end of your volunteering, you will have acquired experience in working with a multidisciplinary team.

Perfil del participante

We are looking for a person eager to learn and work in a team and able to adapt to the context. Interest and motivation in developing skills and learning of feminism, gender, women’s rights and positive masculinities. Any previous experience in NGOs or associations, basic knowledge on gender issues and Spanish skills will be an asset. If you are migrant, live in rural areas, have limited economic support or any other don´t hesitate to sign up, this opportunity is for everyone!

Fechas de la actividad

Total de 34 semana(s) desde 01/07/2023 hasta 31/03/2024

Lugar de la actividad

Avenida Los Estudiantes, Madenar Casa No.4, Tumaco Colombia

 Voluntariado individual

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Temas de la actividad

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Fecha de solicitud: 15/07/2023