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NGO "Center for Euroinitiatives" (CEI) is a public nonprofit organization which aims at assisting the reformation of Ukraine in accordance with European standards, introducing democratic values, and developing civil society in Ukraine using educational and informational methodologies. Founded in 2008, and previously known as "Center for European Initiatives", our organization is a team of experts in youth work with international experience, youth leaders, enthusiasts and volunteers.
We put much effort to pursue the following objectives:
▪ Develop educational and informational programs directed toward the question of European integration for citizens of Ukraine;
▪ Develop educational programs for young people, directed toward leadership, tolerance, respect of human rights and the awareness of democratic values;
▪ Develop youth exchange programs between the youth of Ukraine and youth of other countries with the direct purpose of eliminating stereotypes and developing multicultural dialog and collaboration;
▪ Develop international exchange programs for representatives of different professional groups with the purpose of exchanging ideas and developing collaboration;
▪ Develop a program directed at developing youth Euroclubs, local and national network of youth Euroclubs;
▪ Develop programs directed at promotion of volunteering movement at local, regional, national and international levels;
▪ Develop programs directed at forming of active social position in young people;
▪ Help to form the culture of peace through implementation of informal education and education in human rights;
▪ Promotion of the ideas of peace, national unity, human rights, gender equality, democratic values in the Ukrainian society;
▪ Develop programs directed at upbringing of ecological awareness and responsible attitude towards environment.
The objectives are reached through our continuous work with the local community in our city and region, and through implementing international initiatives with the help of our partners throughout Europe.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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