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European Outsourcing Institute Foundation is an organization established in 2011. Its main area of interest is Poland, but the foundation also operates on an international level. The organization was established to develop ideas and scenarios for sustainable development of society and economy.
The foundation pursues these ideas through a wide range of objectives, including:
- Scientific research and research and development in the development of natural, legal, social, economic and technical sciences,
- Activities supporting the development and cooperation of multicultural communities,
- Providing education at all levels,
- Promoting the idea of sustainable development through cooperation with local authorities and organizing workshops related to this topic.

The Foundation strives to fulfill its goals in two ways. It carries out its activities on a local level, within the framework of non-financial cooperation and local projects, in cooperation with other local entities, both non-governmental and from other sectors.
The leading activity is directed towards international cooperation, which takes place within the framework of partnerships with orgs from EU countries as well as Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries.
In 2015, the foundation started implementing projects within the framework of Erasmus+. In the last six years, it has been a partner in more than 60 projects, and over time has started to implement its own, more ambitious activities. The Youth sector was where we started our activities and, together with the Adult Education sector, is still the core of international activities today. Both sectors complement each other, and the experience we gained from working with young people is still being transferred to work with adults.
Each year we involve more than 150 young people in local activities (they often participate in many activities), and international activities also involve 100-200 people in exchanges or trainings. In total, it can be considered that a minimum of 300 people directly benefit from our youth activities each year.

Thanks to our commitment to the development and support of non-formal education at all levels, we have been able to gain a lot of experience, especially at local and international level.

The Foundation has specialized and is currently pursuing development in several different directions:
- The development of civil society - especially among young people, with the participation of as full a range of stakeholders as possible, in the framework of youth city councils, as well as senior city councils.
- Digital Literacy and Gamification - Innovative tools and practices in education to support learning as well as inclusion and engagement in learning activities.
- Experiential Learning - as one of the leading methodologies used in non-formal education.
- Intersectoral cooperation - the foundation develops contacts and cooperation with various institutions at local, regional and international level.

This is related to the development strategy of the organization. FEIO strives to be an organization that uses its opportunities in international cooperation to involve institutions operating at the local level in activities of a broader nature. We try to include in international projects entities that are doing very well at local level and working directly with target groups, and we support them in international cooperation.

The target groups that we will target with the activities described in the accreditation are:
- Youth MRMs - aged 16-20, active within or related to Youth City Councils. FEIO closely cooperates with MRM from Rybnik, Mikołów, Piekary Śląskie and Tychy. It works to establish MRM in Czerwionka-Leszczyny. In the past we also cooperated with the MRM from Jastrzębie-Zdrój. In previous projects, we have implemented activities to involve more than 15 different Councils from all over Poland.
- Youth from local partnerships - young people with whom we work in other local partnerships, e.g. with several high schools from our region, several sports clubs, the Chorzów Cultural Center or the Youth Cultural Center in Piekary Śląskie.
Cultural Center in Piekary Śląskie. These are usually young people aged 15-18, largely without international experience, often with fewer opportunities due to social or economic deficits. This group also includes young people from several high schools with which we cooperate.
- Youth Workers - These include all FEIO staff, but also local volunteers who support us, as well as employees and activists of local organizations we cooperate with (e.g. MRM tutors, school teachers
interested in non-formal education, employees of ChCK or MDK Piekary Śl, trainers of young people in local sports clubs, etc.).

FEIO is a founding and member organization of the International Experiential Learning Network.
FEIO runs the Eurodesk in Rybnik.

Cette organisation est titulaire d’un label de qualité du corps européen de solidarité. Le label de qualité certifie que l’organisation est en mesure de mener des projets conformément aux principes et aux objectifs du corps européen de solidarité.

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