Associazione Ergon a favore dei Sordi

Associazione Ergon a favore dei Sordi

viale San Pancrazio, 65, 10044, Pianezza (TO), Italy

description of organisation

The Association was founded in 2010 to support a group of young adults, alumni of the Istituto dei Sordi di Torino, to develop entrepreneurial skills and be more active in the world of work. The basic idea was to cooperate with the school in the management of some facilities (cantina, cafeteria) and to re-insert some unused assets into the economic track, such as small farmland and some rooms formerly used for school purposes. All this in a perspective of growth also in the digital environment and with the introduction of innovative technologies in activities previously managed with very traditional formulas.
The association is active in the field of dual discrimination, working mainly with young people that face at least two possible reasons for weakness in the society: disabled and migrant; disabled and women; disabled with the double diagnosis; disabled and unemployed.
Generally speaking:
- Job placement service.
- Information technology course for Deaf and hard of hearing.
- Accessible ICT design for the Deaf.
- Vocational training and vocational guidance for young deaf (cooking and gardening), blind, autistic, and other disabled adult student.
- Special projects for the inclusion of deaf people in the society in the view of universal accessibility, with a focus on museum and cultural institutions.
- Projects with the Universities in the fields of research, language rehabilitation, and social services; European and international projects.
- Intercultural mediation for deaf migrants.
- European Solidarity Corps.
- Translation Services in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Greek.
- Interpretation Services to Italian Sign Language, American Sign Language, International Signs, and Greek Sign Language.
-Counselling to public employment services.
Our work is encompassed in four key themes: Rights, Livelihoods, Access to Appropriate Technology, well-being.
Our programs, devised in partnership with our local partners, cross-fertilize these themes- making them unique, different, and importantly - Deaf led!

inclusion topics

This organisation is willing to involve volunteers who face situations which make their participation in activities more difficult, from the following categories for different types of project:

  • Disability
  • Refugees
  • Cultural differences

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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PIC: 906809739 OID: E10059602
Last updated on 10/11/21

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Skills development

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