DevelopIT Nonprofit Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag

DevelopIT Nonprofit Korlatolt Felelossegu Tarsasag

Rakoczi ut 70., 3100, Salgotarjan, Hungary

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DevelopIT is a social enterprise at local level that provides marketable web development skills to the young people of Salgótarján. Salgótarján is a small town in the northern part of Hungary, with wonderful natural features. In recent years, local businesses have also sought to exploit this potential. Unfortunately, we are talking about one of the poorest part of the country, because factories that have provided the source of the population's livelihood for many decades have been closed. The disadvantage of the place has also been exacerbated by the ongoing exodus of young people for almost 20 years. And the majority of the citizens living here do not have basic school knowledge (writing, reading, counting) and the number of people living in large families. For this reason, not all families can do so to educate their children, and since they do not have adequate professional qualifications, they are not recruited even for simpler physical work positions. Thus, people who are disadvantaged "forced" to live on state aid. Our team is a local training body that teaches the profession from the ground up and provides further training on an ongoing basis. Our company follows the principle of learning through practice. The founders of DevelopIT aim to keep young people in Salgotarjan in the city with a decent income and career opportunity. Our goal is to present our colleagues with current and future job opportunities and to provide insight into the technological processes and changes that are taking place in the world. We present to them the possibilities of web development and teleworking. Among the founders there are economists, IT professionals and organizational development specialists. After the first month of training, they get a job immediately. Training and work are done in parallel, so that everyone can change their theoretical knowledge to cash in a short period of time. We constantly help our colleagues in their work and make sure they develop professionally. It is also of paramount importance to members of our organization to create a pleasant environment and an appropriate staff relationship.
As a result, staff spend their spare time together on a monthly basis. For example, one afternoon they go to a local catering unit, where they dine together, or they play a game together. (e.g. billiards, table football, darts) There are also people in the team who play sports together. Members of the community can also join local initiatives such as painting community spaces, charity runs, walking dogs in shelters on weekends. These initiatives can also be joined by the volunteer here, accompanied by the team members, so you don't have to go alone. Following a survey of young people in Salgotarjan, we were able to draw the following conclusions:
• Not everyone can do it for family/financial reasons to leave the city (which is considered to be significantly underdeveloped compared to other cities) so it is forced to take advantage of the local opportunity,
• The majority of young people want to continue to study after the end of high school, and if they leave town they will not come back, as they will have more opportunities in other cities, whether in terms of learning, working or living
• It is attractive for them to be able to work in a workplace where they receive theoretical – and practical training from the ground up, so they would be more brave to apply for jobs
• But there are also some young people who don't want to move, because their family, friends, memories tie him to the city, and he wants to create something permanent in his place of residence,
• There would be a need for more jobs that also employ young people, as there is a compulsory work experience in many places, but a newly released schoolboy does not necessarily have experience in this area.
• Young people also choose to stay at home in terms of cost-effectiveness, as while living at home, there is no extra overhead cost, rent cost, or cost of food etc.
• There are those who prefer to take the financial "opportunity" offered by student loans to continue to study and work for a decent salary.
• DevelopIT currently employs its employees in the framework of the program called „GINOP-5.1.7.-17-2018-0037 Training and Work of Coding Staff in the EU” , in the first 9 months young collegues are studying but they are already getting real work that corresponds to their level. After 9 months, the learning potential remains, because progress is paramount with the work.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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