Alternatíva Egyesület

Alternatíva Egyesület

Jakab Lajos street 7. I./1., 6724, Szeged, Hungary

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Alternativa's main dedication in the past 25 years has been to support their communities and to help the execution of certain initiatives proposed by offering non-formal learning opportunities for those aged between 13 to 25 according to their interests and needs.Our main goal is to help the young people realize what they want to do in their future.We try to give them some place to learn about theirself, their skills etc. Our main task to show everybody that working as volunteer can be fun and useful too. Our members take part in programs, interactive stands in events and share their knowledge and prior experience during clubs, workshops and trainings. The Association’s most successful project is the Media Club, which prepares the so called instant paper in festivals and events within a couple of days, taking the editing process from the very beginning to a constructed paper with pictures and articles, ready to print. This task requires serious teamwork, creativity and immediate reactions, improving higher level of communication skills. Similar to this project where the youngster can bring their own articles, interviews no matter of the topic. We called this GRUND. Here you can also learn how you can write articles, which is the best methods for making an interview for the first time etc. In this community everybody is safe. Our volunteers mostly come from another cities or villages(for example Szatymaz, Röszke, Sándorfalva) not just from Szeged.

Nowdays we created a new workshop for young people between 9-25 years old which is called Game Tour. In this project we searched for games what is not about killing others, destroy things. There are also so many good and funny games during playing you can learn pr improve your skills like communication, motion coordination, team working etc. The most funnier part of this project that you can play with the Virtual Reality glasses.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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