CoHousing Budapest Egyesület

CoHousing Budapest Egyesület

CoHousing Budapest Egyesület

Györök utca 20. Alagsor 1/1. ajtó, 1113, Budapest, Hungary

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CoHousing Budapest is an association working in the field of community living. Our members come from a wide variety of personal and professional backgrounds. We are connected through our knowledge and fascination with different forms of cohabitation projects.
There is a long way in Hungary for cohousing projects to become an alternative choice of living. Therefore, as a first step, we promote community living and support already existing community arrangements. In the meantime, drawing on knowledge dissemination, we dedicate a significant effort to designing and gradually improving the Hungarian cohousing model.
The team of CoHousing Budapest envisions a world in which communities are supporting themselves, and one another actively and inclusively take charge of the establishment of suitable housing arrangements in the largest cities of Hungary. These communities take the lead in finding different approaches to solving the problem at hand while mitigating the effects and consequences of the housing crisis. We staunchly believe that once urban city dwellers become aware that a community living project strongly connected to the practice of sharing is a well-functioning and appropriate alternative to traditional forms of living, we will witness the flourishing of new local initiatives. This attitude will lead to an increasing number of people choosing to live in cohousing projects run by autonomous communities in the long term.

Based on our experience since 2012, we believe that such projects are to be realised in Budapest and other major cities at first because it is where strong communities are most sorely needed and their establishment is most feasible. A movement of bottom-up urban initiatives has already started in Budapest, sensitising citizens to be more open to similar housing sector initiatives.
Our immediate objective is to gather and disseminate information on cohousing initiatives from various backgrounds and contexts and support the establishment and development of cohousing projects in Hungary through well-informed professional assistance.

We strive to build a professional network that connects and supports individuals and organisations interested in the topic through exchanging know-how and best practices. We seek to become an integral part of the international cohousing network, maintaining a close relationship with organisations that encourage and support disseminating information on local and regional cohousing initiatives and ultimately drawing up the Hungarian cohousing model. Along the lines of long-term sustainability, we also assist existing communities and groups planning to set up their community initiative in the future.

Our target groups are:
- Individuals: local young people, people with disadvantaged background and locals that cannot afford specific living solutions imposed by the market and/or interested in alternative living solutions
- Local communities that want to experiment with new living solutions

Research and Innovation:
Expanding our knowledge base, discovering and presenting a wide variety of examples of cohousing projects, and obtaining and sharing best practices are at the centre of our focus.
We continuously share our knowledge in numerous online and offline publications. We also aim to explore and connect already existing cohousing initiatives by providing a shared knowledge base.

As dissemination and awareness-raising are part of our main objectives, we accept invitations to present the results of over ten years' worth of academic research and experience, mainly in Budapest and its proximity, but by individual invitation in other provincial cities as well.

Consulting & mentoring​
We support community-led initiatives to implement and maintain their aims and way of living.
For example we are mentoring the In Memoriam Bíró Éva Alapítvány from 2016. The In Memoriam Dr Biró Éva Association aims to maintain a social co-living project and provide community living and home for young professionals working in health care.
This collaborative housing project is a community of 8-10 young adults who can apply for short term subsidised leaving. The 5-floor building is located in the XII. district of Budapest close to nature.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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