Hungary Helps Agency Nonprofit Private Ltd

Hungary Helps Agency Nonprofit Private Ltd

Hungary Helps Agency

Naphegy tér 1., 1016, Budapest, Hungary

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The Hungary Helps Agency was established in 2019 as a governmental non-profit organization. The Agency is responsible for managing grants and monitoring the implementation of humanitarian projects within the scope of the Hungary Helps Program, launched in 2017 for the purpose of aligning the external humanitarian and development actions of Hungary.
Our approach is to act on the local level, respecting the humanitarian principles and all human rights. The Agency’s mission is to ensure rapid and on-the-spot assistance to the most vulnerable communities, including victims of humanitarian crises and displaced people who are unable to return to their place of origin. We design our projects according to local needs based on reports of representatives of local communities and implement them with local partners.
With more than 160 projects managed worldwide, the Hungary Helps Agency has profound expertise in managing humanitarian and rehabilitation projects, especially in the following key sectors:
● Education (with a special focus on the inclusion of women)
● Health (capacity building, medical missions)
● Reconstruction and rehabilitation (schools, hospitals, community infrastructure)
● Emergency aid (food and non-food item)
● Sheltering (emergency housing and refugee camps)
Our main target regions are the Middle East (Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria) and Sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo)
The Agency’s projects aim at having a great impact on ensuring long-term social stability, sustainability, cohesion and diversity, bearing in mind the links between sustainable development, humanitarian actions, peacebuilding and conflict prevention.

Besides grant management, the Agency is also in charge of the coordination of the Scholarship Programme for Christian Young People, which provides a unique possibility for students from crisis regions to receive higher education in Hungary. The mission of the programme is to empower the youth of vulnerable communities with knowledge so that they can return to their home countries and play a vital role in strengthening and rebuilding their communities and become the catalysts of development in their countries.

This organisation holds a European Solidarity Corps Quality Label. The Quality Label certifies that the organisation is able to run projects in compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

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